Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Five Parsecs 1.12 just in time for new years!

Last update of the decade!

Five Parsecs 1.12 took a bit longer than I had expected, but I think you'll find it was worth the trouble.

What is included?

Quite a lot actually.

New Enemy tables
These are huge. There are four new enemy tables, each with a ton of opponents to fight.
The selection even depends (a little) on the mission type too.

Many enemies now have special rules to distinguish them further and they have more variation in their weapon selection.

This should dramatically increase the variation and replay value of the game.

Unique Individuals
The enemy can be accompanied by special individuals similar to Five Leagues but with far more options available.

Morale changes
Morale now works more like it does in Five Leagues.

New AI "modes" have been added (Beast, Defensive and Guardian).

The timing of Brawling combat has been clarified and the rules explicitly cover fighting multiple opponents and fighting Stunned opponents.

Panic fire
An option has been added where you can empty the magazine for more shots NOW.

Battlefield finds
A new rewards system has been added, allowing you to scavenge a bit in addition to the Loot roll.

Weapons updates
The weapons table is longer now and some have been redone a bit. The Area and Terrifying traits are updated.
Note that not every weapon on the table can currently be acquired. This is intentional. Some are for scenarios or for later additions.

Some enemies now have a risk of the world you are on being invaded, which means you'll have to get out of there NOW.

What should I print?
If you have printed the rules, I apologize since the updates affect almost everything. I'd reprint the morale, encounter and weapon tables and go from there.

As there are always some corrections, typos etc. please hold off on printing everything for a couple of days.

So what does the future hold then?
With this massive update, I intend to let the Five Parsecs core rules sit for a bit without changing more stuff.
While keeping the rules as a "living" project is great, obviously it also needs to establish some stability to be playable.

With that in mind, while we will no doubt have the inevitable "bug fix" update in a week or two, as typos and weird wording gets rooted out, core rules updates will be on hiatus for a little bit.
Instead, I'll focus on expansion material like more psionic stuff, alien characters etc.

I know people also want to see scenarios, so look forward to that.

Is this update for Patreon only?
Nope. It's for all of you. It was made possible through Patreon support so thank those guys and consider pitching in if you can.

Monday, 23 December 2019

Greetings gamers, Christmas is here and that also means the Wargame Vault Winter Offensive.

That's 25% off almost everything I've ever done.
What are you into?

* Solo fantasy adventure?

* WW2 skirmishing?

* Modern company level warfare?

* 6mm scifi?

Whether FiveCore, Laserstorm, Five Men at Kursk or Five Leagues From the Borderlands is your jam, we have tons of games for you, almost all 25% off.

Don't forget that most of our games have at least one expansion available, so it's a perfect time to fill out your collections.

Unsure of what to get? Kind of new to miniatures gaming?

My recommendations would be:


Our fantasy solo rules, allowing you to explore the world and level up a war band as you face off against the forces of darkness. Silver seller on Wargame Vault, all 5's for review scores. Perfect for that RPG feel without requiring 5 hour sessions and a 5 person group.


Hammer of Democracy, WW2 tactical warfare focusing on combined arms. Complete with a points system, unit traits and extremely easy to learn game play that doesn't sacrifice any flavor.

Silver seller as well.


Finally Renegade Scout, our "Rogue Trader" love letter. Fantastic aliens, rules for everything you need on and off the battlefield and an expanding range of support products. Another solid "all 5 stars" silver seller, which received positive posts in the "Oldhammer" bloggosphere. Bring new game polish to old school gaming.

Whatever you decide to get, I hope you have a great holiday.

Monday, 16 December 2019

Assorted non-Patreon news and holiday news

A few updates on various things going on.

On the Squad Hammer front, with the kind help of a supporter, we'll have a snazzy looking version of the People's Edition available soon. No changes to the content, just using artwork that was available under an open license.
Additionally, there'll also be a stripped down version with no swank whatsoever, suitable for people who need to hack it apart to build their own games.

These will just be made available to anyone owning the original "People's Edition"

* * * * *

I've taken down the link for Five Klicks. WHAT?
Relax. I realized that trying to do all three "phases" of the game and keep it updated and consistent for each change is becoming a mess.
So I am taking down the sales link for right now, so over the holidays I can work on "Chapter 1" - which will be a fully stand-alone version focusing on the wasteland stuff.

Once that's done, everyone who bought the beta version gets a comp copy, and then we can start working on Chapter 2.

I'm sorry it's taken so long, I just miscalculated the best way of doing it and should have stuck to how I usually do things.

TLDR - If you bought the current version, you get Chapter 1 when it's done, no worries. You should still be able to download the beta copy if you like. If it gives you trouble, just email me and I'll sort you out.

* * * * *
Lastly, if I can get it done before Christmas, there'll be an updated version of an old rules set available.
It's one of the smaller things I did, but I've been tweaking it for a little bit and I think it fills a nice gap in the current line up.
Stay tuned!

* * * * *

If anyone wants to get me a bit of gaming goodness for Christmas, you can find my drivethru wishlist here

I would also be very grateful for Itunes gift card/credit.

Sunday, 15 December 2019

Patreon update and talk

So I wanted to do a quick update on what we've done through the Patreon so far:

Five Parsecs

Two rules updates. Currently working on a big overhaul to the Enemy tables which will be incredibly cool.

These items have been available to all players.

Five Leagues

One rules update adding 5 new items to the game. (Available to everyone)
Two chapters of the story campaign (chapter 2 just got posted yesterday).
The campaign is only available for Patrons at the moment but the plan is that every 5 chapters, I'll bundle it up for general sale.

I have 5 more items in the pipeline and we'll get Chapter 3 this month as well.

Renegade Scout

Two unit packs have been released. The plan is to do a third pack and a pack covering a general pick-up mission system.
These have been available for 5+ dollar Patrons and also sold separately.

So that's what we've achieved so far and what is in store for December.
Once we are through the holidays, I'd like to also start a Five Parsecs story campaign but I don't want to overcommit and get everybody mad :)

Friday, 6 December 2019

Hopes of Glory 2, updates and Five Leagues product listing

Greetings gamers.

I am excited to announce that Hopes of Glory has been updated to be compliant with the second edition Five Leagues rules.

What is Hopes of Glory? It is a gritty military campaign module, allowing your warband to take on mercenary work during the perpetual border skirmishes that the nobility tends to get up to.
New encounters, new skills to learn, a variety of interesting people to meet, whether you want tactical combat or pseudo-RPG experiences, Hopes of Glory has them. 

You can of course use your existing warband or create a brand new one as you prefer.

This updated edition offers full compatibility with second edition rules, additional enemy types and encounters, new skills and more.
I’ve also double-checked and made sure that as many items and skills from other second edition sources have been accounted for, so as many of your questions as possible are answered up front.

 * * * * *

Additionally, Roads Well Traveled, Tools of War and the core Five Leagues rules have all seen small updates to take Hopes of Glory into account, adding notes on how material will function within that campaign.
Go ahead and download your new files.
Five Leagues also features a chance to the post-battle Unusual Finds table (reducing the chances of finding stuff a little, just to avoid loot inflation).

 * * * * *
With that, I thought it’d be timely to remind you of the material available for the second edition rules, all available by going to the Nordic Weasel section :

We have 3 Micro Packs, each offering a bite-sized new “thing” to add to your games (a new companion, a town, a quest).

We have The Sunken Temple, the first scenario pack, offering you a mini adventure to play through and get some nice loot.

Tools of War offers new skills, items and options for your games.

Roads Well Travelled expands the Roadside Encounters aspect of the game, offering improved tables with more results (and more unique results too).

Monday, 2 December 2019

Five Leagues Patreon adventure and Five Parsecs 1.11

In case you don't check the Patreon page, the first chapter of the Five Leagues campaign has been uploaded.
This marks the start of a campaign you'll be able to play through as it unfolds.

The exciting thing is that the "stand alone" nature means I can also use it as a testbed for ideas over time, before they show up in expansions or other material.

The campaign chapter is available to anyone who is a Patron, so swing over and get your adventure started!

If you prefer to just purchase conventional material, the chapters will be compiled and published separately down the road, but I do not know what form that will take or when I want to do that. I am still feeling out all this Patreon business.

* * * *
Five Parsecs has been updated to 1.11.
The only change is that the Battle Conditions table now has 10 entries on it instead of 6.