Monday, 4 November 2019

Weasel news. 5P 1.09, some questions etc.

Version 1.09 of Five Parsecs From Home is available.

* Tech skill is now called Savvy.
* A couple of rolls are made now when you arrive on a new world. Some worlds require a "Freelancer license" to be obtained to do jobs there (you can of course try for a forgery). Also every world has some sort of benefit, such as superior medical care.
* When doing a Quest, the final mission will add +1 to enemy numbers.
* I've removed the Oddball Characters page, in preparation for a future update that will make it obsolete.

The biggest update is the new Trade Item table.
The old table could get a bit..well...old if you've played for a while. Also, some of the results were a bit outdated.
The new table has 10 more entries and the existing ones have been tweaked, updated and corrected.

This update was made possible through fan donations.

* * * * * *
Five Parsecs Gang Warfare has always been a bit of the odd one out, since much of the play style is ultimately duplicated by Five Parsecs From Home.
It is also the lowest selling of the batch, so I suspect I'm not the only one to think that.

As such, continuing to update it seems like a duplication of effort.
This means that going forward, unless it is correcting an error, "Gang Warfare" will not receive updates.

I'll scour the tables for any interesting gadgets that can be brought over to From Home instead.

On the upside, Gang Warfare is perfectly playable and fun, so I've changed the pricing to "Pay What You Want". So if you want to check it out, go have at it!

* * * * * *
One kind donor asked if there will be a travelers guide / gazetteer for Erehwesle.
The answer is "probably yes". What we have in mind is expanding the setting material to about a page per country and then we'll work from there.

Stay tuned.

* * * * * *
Will there be a dedicated Erehwesle miniatures game?
Not impossible. Let me know what you might like that to look like.

A skirmish game where you could use your characters in larger miniatures battles would be pretty keen, wouldn't it?

* * * * * *
There will be a dedicated scifi *Hammer book, based on Hammer of Democracy, once Five Klicks is finished.
Title unknown. "Hovertankhammer" doesn't really roll off the tongue.

The aim is to offer a "ready to play" scifi game with a points system, big robot monsters, hover tanks etc. This is a bit of a change in position from what I had anticipated earlier, but I think it will make more sense.
I am not sure about page count. Stay tuned.

If you are a painter of scifi guys and would like to donate some photos, ping me.


  1. I'm sorry that Gang Warfare hasn't taken off. It seemed like a shoe-in for solo Necromunda gaming, although I took it in a different direction for my home games.

    1. I think it's mostly that it has too much overlap and people would rather go into space!

  2. lol. I am working slowly through being able to run 5 Parsecs via a spresdsheet. I've done character generation and also the campaign stuff up to encounter. I was doing the Repair job and decided to change the name of the Tech column from Tech to Savvy only today! Jinx! But then I am thinking of changing it to Mind as I am likely to play out the table top battles using something like Chaos in Cairo so it is more Pulpy and less combat. Thinking of using the opportunity mission types from the 1st edition so it is less combat and more "Pulp Alley"/Chain Reaction-ish (Reaction = Rep; Speed = Agility or equivalent, Toughness = Strength or equivalent). So campaign rules will all be 2nd Ed, character generation all 2nd Ed, just the play of the encounter on the tabletop will use different rules. I think I am a while form playing an actual campaign as I think I have spent 20 hours on the sheet so far in the last month or two, and have a ways to go. I will blog it of course :-)

    Surprised Gang Warfare has not taken off but I guess there are a lot of Gang miniature rules with campaign narrative that attempt a similar thing, and less (but still a lot!) that do something similar to 5 Parsecs from Home.

    1. Cheers Shaun. That sounds like exactly the sort of thing I was hoping people would get up to!

      It should be pretty easy to mix things up, as long as you can "translate" what a bonus to this or that thing means in your combat system.

      It's funny you mention less combat. I was just pondering how to add investigation type missions to the set up.

    2. I think the tabletop rules will be very similar to the 5Parsecs rules, just rolling multiple dice with each 4+ a success, rather than sing one die with modifiers.

      I think the investigation type stuff would not be hard. You already have quests and types of non-combat problem solving and the 1st Edition had different types of opportunity missions. some requiring non-combat rolls to succeed. Although combat was likely be required to fend off the enemy while trying to succeed! This is all I was planning to include in my campaign.

    3. Yeah, that should be easy enough. Definitely keep me posted with how you get on.

  3. "A skirmish game where you could use your characters in larger miniatures battles would be pretty keen, wouldn't it?"

    Definitely. Something that can move between an RPG, mass battle conflict, and smaller scale skirmish for a campaign without a lot of difficulty would raise a lot of interest

    1. That's what I am feeling yeah.

      Plus it'd be a nice selling point, wouldn't it? :)