Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Renegade Scout Patreon pack available

This is an exciting piece of content for two reasons:

First, a lot of you have asked about "army list" type unit profiles for Renegade Scout. This pack provides the 3 first: Unity Colonial militia, Fringe gangers and Corporate Mercenaries.

Each has options to outfit them and predetermined points values, so they can be picked for battle "Codex Style".

I've also included a special Skill and equipment item for each of the three. For example a colonial militia grunt can be made an Old Vet (no penalties to fight while Pinned).

You also get three "scrap book scenarios": Basically scenario outlines with some suggested complications.
These are intended less as "play out of the box" and more "play after 15 minutes with a pen" if that makes sense.

Secondly, it's the first Renegade Scout update for the Patreon.
If you are a 5+ dollar supporter of the Patreon, you get it for free. Just check the Patreon posts on the site.

If you are not, you can still pick it up from the Wargame Vault.

Since this is the first few weeks of the Patreon and nobody has been charged (or gotten paid) yet, I'm not sure how much more I'll be able to do in this "pre-Patreon" phase, but there'll be a Five Leagues thing tomorrow and I hope to do at least one more Parsecs thing before the 1st.


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