Sunday, 27 October 2019

Dreams of Dragons. It's a thing then.

A monumental amount of work has finally paid off.

The Nordic Weasel roleplaying game "Dreams of Dragons" is now available to the great, wide world.

Based on classic games such as Drakar och Demoner and Runequest, this is a 200 page power house filled with flexible character creation, a comprehensive old-school skill system, 37 creatures, a game setting and a bunch more.

Aimed specifically at 80's era gaming, with long-term campaigns in a high fantasy world, with semi-gritty combat and a ton of tools to help run the game, I think you'll be quite impressed.

As usual, we've aimed at providing a game that's absolutely packed with information, instead of a bunch of pointless fluff. As with all Nordic Weasel games, we're of course giving you a ton of options to tailor game play.

Combat ranges from a simple 4 page system to a full-blown tactical experience with detailed miniatures rules and a huge number of tactical options available.

* * * * *

Note that this is not the final game.

We are doing a lengthy, public beta test of the rules for 4-6 months.

It is absolutely a complete game but we have plans for even more content if the interest is there, as well as commissioning original artwork. Additionally as always, player feedback will be incorporated to fix problems, improve explanations and examples, add more play-aids and so forth.

If we end up doing any sort of future deluxe edition, all buyers of this version get a discount equal to what you paid.


  1. I just saw this on DriveThru. I'm glad you released this, I'll be picking it up soon. I miss G+ in general, but I specifically miss talking to you on there. Hope you and yours are doing well.