Sunday, 27 October 2019

Dreams of Dragons. It's a thing then.

A monumental amount of work has finally paid off.

The Nordic Weasel roleplaying game "Dreams of Dragons" is now available to the great, wide world.

Based on classic games such as Drakar och Demoner and Runequest, this is a 200 page power house filled with flexible character creation, a comprehensive old-school skill system, 37 creatures, a game setting and a bunch more.

Aimed specifically at 80's era gaming, with long-term campaigns in a high fantasy world, with semi-gritty combat and a ton of tools to help run the game, I think you'll be quite impressed.

As usual, we've aimed at providing a game that's absolutely packed with information, instead of a bunch of pointless fluff. As with all Nordic Weasel games, we're of course giving you a ton of options to tailor game play.

Combat ranges from a simple 4 page system to a full-blown tactical experience with detailed miniatures rules and a huge number of tactical options available.

* * * * *

Note that this is not the final game.

We are doing a lengthy, public beta test of the rules for 4-6 months.

It is absolutely a complete game but we have plans for even more content if the interest is there, as well as commissioning original artwork. Additionally as always, player feedback will be incorporated to fix problems, improve explanations and examples, add more play-aids and so forth.

If we end up doing any sort of future deluxe edition, all buyers of this version get a discount equal to what you paid.

Monday, 21 October 2019

Assorted news

Five Klicks received an update this weekend, showing off the new Enemy table for the Outlands.

Each region in the game (3 intended) will likely look like this:

20 distinct encounters (though some are variations of each other) with variation rolls for weaponry and leadership.
Some have special rules that apply as well, while others are straight-up fights.

Give them a spin: Roll up a few squads and have them get in some scraps, let me know how they go.
As you are probably familiar with from Five Leagues and Five Parsecs, some are meant to be tougher, some less so.

* * * * *
If you want more Five Parsecs upgrades, the new Patron tables are in the rules. Make sure to download your files again as some errors were caught and I'd accidentally left the old tables in the book as well, like a doofus.

The next 5P update is a new, improved Loot and Enemy table, but we'll probably wait until the beginning of September before really pushing that.
As before, the goal is to fund it through donations, at 30 dollars per new table.

* * * * *
Work is still progressing on Dreams of Dragons. That's all I can say right now.
Ready to beta test soooooooooon.

* * * * *
I screwed up my back and got to spend a Sunday reading old GURPS books and Arthurian mythology, while unable to move much from the couch.
That's not really relevant to the business as a whole, but it sucked.

* * * * *
Lastly I am taking a break from social media. It's mostly a pool of pointless garbage to wade through and I just don't have the patience right now for dealing with it.

While I appreciate being called a totalitarian SJW who hates games, it's not really furthering anything productive you know?

If you need to reach me, you can do so my email and I'm not disappearing off Discord or anything.
I'm not even quitting social media forever, just taking a break from it.

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

A few questions that have come up

A couple questions that have ticked in over the past week or two.
If you've asked questions in the blog comments, I'll try to answer here, since try as I might, Blogger refuses to let me post any replies. No idea why, other than Google being evil I guess.

Will there be more "Gothic scifi" army lists for Squad Hammer?

I'd like to, but I am looking seriously at redoing the rules to be more in the vein of Hammer of Democracy.
That doesn't mean a new book or anything, just incorporating some of the better parts of that (such as the support points mechanic) as well as adding more options.

So doing more army lists before doing that would probably not be time well spent.
I do want to make "gothic scifi human army" and "space creepy crawlies" lists for sure.

Five Klicks updates?

After several takes on how to do the encounter tables with modifiers or different numbers or types of dice, I am taking the path to have a separate terrain and encounter table for each of the three regions.

That both seems cooler, will be easier to work with, will allow future expansions to be slotted in if we want to do like an abandoned science facility or something to play in and I think will be more fun from the players perspective too.

The Outlands enemies are almost done, then I'll finish up the city sequence.

Five Parsecs updates?

The update to the Patron mechanic is funded, so that will go up soon.

If you guys want an updated Enemy table and Loot table, make a Paypal donation at
When donations reach 30 dollars, the Enemy table gets updated and 60 gets the Loot table.


Talk of a patreon has come up and I'm pondering the idea.
If I did it, it would be keyed specifically to 5 Parsecs/Leagues/Klicks/whatever to create content or updates monthly.

Stay tuned.

Dreams of Dragons?

Soon. Soon.

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Updates and news.

The next Micro Pack is available for Five Leagues.
In pack 3, you get to track down an ogre that has been bothered the villagers. Might even make a friend out of it (or get eaten!)

This pack is 3 pages (4 with the cover) and 1 whole dollar.
As a test, this time it is NOT Pay What You Want, so I can see if people prefer a bit more meat or if they prefer shorter but potentially free. 

If you didn't get them yet, make sure to get our other recent Five Leagues goodies:

* * * * *

Five Klicks is proceeding as planned, if a bit slowly.
If you make sure you have the most up to date version, you'll see the updated weapon lists as well as terrain and set up mechanics for the Outlands.

This week, I am hoping to have the new Enemy tables for that region as well.

* * * * *

Five Parsecs players should make sure they have downloaded the most up to date versions of From Home and Salvage Crew, to see all the goodies that were added.

I have a rash of plans I want to do to update the game and in particular, over time, fold the different Parsecs editions back into a single game that allows a variety of mission types.
Stay tuned for information on that.

* * * * *

We're going to do another upgrade round and see how it goes.

The goal is to upgrade the tables of the game, namely:

1: Redo the Patron table to add more unique effects such as patrons that are more or less easily pleased, higher risk/reward patrons, patrons that operate on multiple worlds etc.

Basically make the Patron aspect of the game more interesting and a bigger component.

2: Upgrade the Enemy table.

This will include both adding a few new enemies, but the big draw will be building in some more variation to results (enemies with variation in support weapons etc.) and adding some special rules and conditions to some enemies (similar to Five Leagues).

3: Upgrade the Loot table.

Combine the Salvage and From Home loot tables into one table and add 10 or so new items to it.

If possible, I’d like to also add an option to obtain prototype or rare weapons on a sub-table.

So that's the pitch.
Like last time, we'll do this through a voluntary funding mechanism. 
Basically, if you want to get these new things send me money and I make game-stuff happen.

Easy enough no ? Last time, people overwhelmingly preferred to just use Paypal so as a test, we're not bothering with any crowd funding thing. 

So steer your money cannon to and if I get 100 dollars from the fans, you get the new goodies. 
(please note do NOT send to my old gmail address, if you had sent donations to it before that are unclaimed, please cancel those and just forward them here instead)

If I get a bit more, I'll throw in some extra stuff for you lot, such as more enemies or items to find.

If I don't get the amount, I'll see where we ended up and do a proportional amount: 40 dollars gets you the new Patron table, 70 gets you the Enemies as well.

Easy peasy? Yeah, I hope so.

* * * * *