Monday, 30 September 2019

Updates and news

Five Parsecs:

The update project was generously funded, mostly through private Paypal donations.

As such, I uploaded the new versions of From Home and Salvage Crew this weekend and hope to have Bug Hunt and Gang Warfare updated this week.
Hope you enjoy the new stuff and have a blast.

* * * * *
Five Klicks:

Today's update gives the terrain and conditions tables for Outlands battles.
These are fights taking place in relatively "normal" circumstances, near the settlement.

The rules also receive the Suspicious Activities mechanic, offering markers on the table to go investigate.
They may offer a small reward, nothing at all or a nasty critter.
However, if the Enemy gets to them first, they may get reinforcements, forcing you to deal with them or risk facing a larger enemy force.

* * * * *
Other stuff:

I am working as hard as I can to get Dreams of Dragons to the beta-stage.
Hopefully this week. I really want to get this out there, so you guys can tear it apart.

I've received a few questions about solo play and I must admit at least initially, it's not really a concern, though of course with something like Mythic, you can make any RPG a solo game.

Reception of Five Leagues stuff have been a bit mixed. People who I've talked to have appreciated more stuff, but it seems people would prefer several items bundled into one expansion pack, compared to a load of tiny things.
That's fair. We'll continue experimenting but I'll have something for you in October.

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  1. I like the micro-supplement style of expansions for Five Leagues.