Thursday, 26 September 2019

Five Parsecs update

A few people have requested updates to the Five Parsecs series of games, especially in light of Five Leagues 2nd edition.

As I am already in the mindset, working on Five Klicks, that’s certainly a possibility but it raises a question:

Doing rules updates don’t earn any income. It doesn’t seem to correspond to more sales or even better reviews. 
Maybe gamers are just used to broken rules, I don’t know. But with my wife’s student loans coming out of deferment soon, working for free is something I can’t really justify.

So here’s what we’re going to do:
I am going to tell you what updates I am ready to make and then you are going to pay me to make them.

Easy right?

First the rules:

For all four Five Parsecs titles (From Home, Gang, Salvage and Bug) I will:

  • Update the character creation sections to generally make starting characters a bit more capable. This includes changing half point stat bonuses to full points, increasing credit and XP amounts a little etc.

  • Each game will have at least one new enemy added to its encounter tables.

  • Each game will have two D6 tables added for encounters, allowing the chance of unexpected battle conditions or items on the battle field.

  • Each game will have a “Five Leagues” style Story Point mechanic added.

  • Each game will have a “Five Leagues” style “Seize the Initiative” roll added.

  • The table of contents will be updated with clickable links to take you to the respective rules sections.

How will you pay for it? 

You people, the fans, will pay me a collective 125 dollars to carry out these updates for all four game titles. 
That’s 25 dollars for the basic work plus 25 per game title.

I have created a Gofundme page to collect the money.
Since I know some people prefer not dealing with additional websites, you can also simply send the money directly through PayPal at 

When that total amount has come in, everyone gets the updates.

If there’s not enough money, I’ll put the updates into Five Parsecs From Home and the rest will follow at an unspecified future date.
If there’s excess money, it will help fund the development of future games. If we go way over, I’ll throw in some extra goodies at a rate of one “goodie” per 25 or 50 dollars.

These may be extra encounters, new loot items, more ideas ported over from 5L or other things I can think of, but will be relatively small scale.

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