Monday, 2 September 2019

Dreams of Dragons combat

Alright, so a bit of Dreams of Dragons talk. Combat will have 2-3 "levels" really. At its most basic, its fairly similar to BRP combat:

Roll to hit, roll to parry, take damage, subtract armor, hope you have HP left.

We're actually leaving hit locations out of the beta, but there'll be something else very clever to kind of take that place and solve the gameplay problem that hit locations solve. 
That's it though. 
You can explain that in like 2 minutes and be on your way. 

Players who want more will have a ton of options available:
If you want things like characters getting battered from hits on their armor to throwing your sword to weapon damage types to fairly in-depth rules for combat with miniatures etc. that's all going to be there, but separated out into optional sections so you can "build" things up. 
Practically, I expect that people will either run JUST the base system, base system plus one or two extra options or the full enchilada. 

Faithful to both Drakar and mid 80s gaming, there's of course going to be big ass weapon and armor lists with pointy-bits-on-sticks.
Who wants a game where a winged spear is not clearly distinct from a partisan? :-)
There's story reasons for having all that junk too: It helps make encounters more interesting, you can have specific groups or characters favor particular weapons etc.

The goal here is that you can just burn through combat if you understand how to make a skill check, but if you want to get crunchy, there'll be ample stuff to work with.


  1. Optional and supplemental rules throughout the book? Dude! That's not like you at all!

  2. Time to try something completely new!

    Just wait until you see the bolded keywords.

  3. Will there be a solo-play option? Not being funny this time o.0