Monday, 26 August 2019

New Five Leagues expansion available 

This expansion for Five Leagues From the Borderlands dramatically expands the Roadside Encounters mechanic in the core rules.

The worlds of fantasy tales are always filled with interesting, memorable and occasionally dangerous travelers and our campaign games should be no different.

The existing tables have been expanded to include new results, allowing for more variety and more things the person might want from you.

Some existing results have been tweaked to be more interesting as well.

Players have remarked positively on the ability to make Friends with travelers, but they haven’t been that easy to get an advantage from.

We’ve updated that system to make it a bit more helpful to the player.

There are also more opportunities to have roadside encounters now.

Most excitingly this pack adds 30 unique encounters ranging from a treasure hunter joining you for a bit to the local drunkard wanting someone to hang out with.

These new encounters can grant you rewards, new problems to deal with or a welcome respite fro the merciless world.

Some are simply events that happen, while others give you decisions to make.

The new rules, updated tables and unique encounters are all integrated into the new encounter table, allowing you to take full advantage of this pack.

Players who have their rules printed in a binder can simply replace the “Roadside Encounter check” pages in the rulebook with the pages from this supplement.

The pack is written for the 2nd edition rules, though it should be usable with 1st edition with very little adjustment.

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