Saturday, 27 July 2019

Renegade Scout Elite Pack

"Old School" gaming is all about playing games your way and Nordic Weasel games most definitely embrace that as much as I can.

The new Elite Pack just released for Renegade Scout offers a host of new options for your games:

The Strange Terrain and Strange Worlds tables in the rulebook caught a lot of peoples eyes, so I've expanded both of them with 10 more options each.
You can use a D20 to pick or just pick whatever you haven't tried yet.

I've added a Blitz Mode.
This is a set of game options allowing for both faster and much bigger games.
By using simplified movement, combining injury/armor into a single roll and otherwise stream lining things, you could easily play a huge game and be done in a reasonable time.
Blitz is also suitable for players who want to play a normal sized game with a couple of squads, but like things to zip along for a lunch break game.

Next up, we have War Mode.
This is essentially the opposite: A slower paced, more "gritty" way to play the game that incorporates suppression, lingering demoralization and greatly emphasizes combined arms warfare.
If you want a muddy, nasty scifi war game, give this a shot!

Both modes are built so you could extract a few rules if you like.
You might want to use the suppression token mechanic from War Mode but also adopt the combined kill roll from Blitz Mode. Who knows?

Finally the points system.
This isn't a full "build system" in the sense of tallying each stat point and multiplying by whatever.
Rather it offers a points value for every alien in the rulebook, all the weapons and vehicles, so you can build some squads.
Personalities can be constructed as well.

If you like using points to prepare an army in advance, I think you'll find the value of RS will go up quite a bit.

With time, I'd like to look into full blown army lists but I am not promising anything.

You can grab the new expansion below

If you are new to Renegade Scout and this has made you decide to delve in, you can also get the rulebook and Elite pack for a few bucks off

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