Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Hammer of Democracy updates

A few tweaks to Hammer of Democracy.
We're still short on some of the initial goals (solo rules and "hero" characters for backers) but stay patient.

The most notable update is the addition of Polish troops with 5 vehicles and some guidelines on rating your grunts.
The Soviets receive stats for the 76mm regimental gun and the BA 10 armored car, Americans get the M18 "Hellcat" tank destroyer, Germans get the Sdkfz. 222 armored car and the Brits can sport a Crusader with a 6 pounder for a bit of desert fun.

Additionally, I've gone ahead and removed the "Weak HE" trait from the low calibre gun.
The trait was originally intended for things like high velocity guns that had poor HE performance (and ironically still needs to be added for those). The 37mm pea-shooters already do very little damage, so there's no need to double-dip.
Points costs have been adjusted to reflect the removed trait.

Panzerfaust were probably a bit too good. Now they require a 9 to hit at 6" range.

As scenario clocks were a bit long, the roll has been changed to 3D6x4 minutes.

Also infantry anti-tank weapons now have a points value. I have no idea what I was thinking there.

Hope you all enjoy the new goodies!

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