Monday, 1 July 2019

Five Leagues PDF and a general clarification.

First, I've had someone point out that the Five Leagues 2nd edition PDF requests a password if you try to edit it.
That's not intentional, but give me a day or two to get that figured out.

I know people like to edit PDF"s to add their own notes, book marks etc. and I have no intention of messing with that stuff.

Second, I occasionally get questions about printing.

You of course have permission to print out your games through any service you like.
I have spoken to people who have had trouble in some stores, because of IP/Piracy concerns.
Some of my games have a note added specifically stating that printing is allowed, but if you run into any trouble, proof of purchase from Wargame Vault should help.
I am also happy to provide any proof or info needed.

Third, on the same topic, I get questions about what you can do with the game legally.

My answer is that you can print out such hand-outs as you need to run the game at a club etc. provided the handouts aren't basically replacing the need for the book.

Usually printing out the relevant tables will be fine.

Newer titles include a Permissions section specifying exactly what you can and cannot do.

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