Friday, 26 July 2019

A few questions I get sometimes

There's a couple questions that crop up occasionally, so I thought I'd take a moment to answer them.

* Is Nordic Weasel a one-man operation?

Mostly yes.
I get help from assorted people particularly with testing, feedback, photos etc. and games with "fluff" text often feature some writing from friends or my wife.

All the grunt work and I'd say 90% of the design work is all me though.

* Is Nordic Weasel Games your day-job?

Yes, it is.
People get surprised at that but yes, NWG makes enough to pay our rent and car bill each month, though it's hardly a luxurious existence.
It does mean everyday is "casual Friday" in the office though.

* Do you pay artists?

I do pay for artwork yes.
Photos of miniatures is typically not something I pay for, though I am happy including links to blogs, websites, painting services etc.

* What programs do you use?

I started out using Gimp and LibreOffice.
Currently I use the default stuff on the Mac: Pages, Keynote and Photos.

* Have you ever written for someone else?

I have never written a game as a freelancer, though I'd consider it in the right circumstances.

* Have you ever been involved with games other people have written?

A few times yeah, usually through feedback and helping the rules be clearer and sharper.
If you want to contract me for such services, email me.

* Are the music lists in your games real?

Yeah, it's generally the albums I listened to while doing most of the writing.
I might add an extra album if it's something that really fits the topic.

* Why do you write so many games?

I have a lot of ideas.
For marketing purposes, it might make more sense to write one game for a topic and then just sell that but I can't work like that.
I know that sometimes put people off, because it can be confusing trying to keep up on all that but if I am still selling it, it's because I think it's a good game.

You can make a tidy sum producing one core engine and then just churning out variations of that, but that's not the Weasel way :)

* How do your games typically start out?

Most just start with a very rough mechanical idea.
FiveCore literally rests on "what if you just rolled and saw if it was a 1 or a 6",
No End in Sight started with the "roll to cross contested space" rule and so forth.

* Are you ever going to do a full blown RPG?

Not impossible. I have thoughts.

* What do you think about [insert hot button issue here] ?

Probably nothing I'm interested in discussing.
I'm a "leftist SJW beta" or whatever the current terminology is, so if you must know what I think in order to decide what games to play, there you go.