Sunday, 28 July 2019

Post apocalyptic skirmish campaigns?

Greetings gamers, I hope your weekend went well.

There's 2 requests that are made all the time when it comes to our "Five [units of measurement]" series of solo games.
One will be discussed later but the other is post apocalyptic gaming

Well, wait no more because Five Klicks from the Zone is here.

Take a squad of hard-nosed survivors, delve into the forbidden zones and reclaim civilization from the mutants, the warlords and whatever lurks in the rubble.

As you play, your squad will gain experience, find cool loot and face off against dreadful enemies, all perfectly adapted for a fun solo gaming experience (or bring a friend and split the squad!)

* * * * *

This is not the final version of the rules.

We are doing a public development where new versions will be made available on a very regular basis.

Right this moment, the rules contain the core of tactical game play with a fully playable but VERY simple campaign section. Over the coming weeks, the content will be expanded with all the lovely campaign action and D100 tables you expect.

Buying the game now gives you the following benefits:

* You get to see the game as its being developed and can provide feedback and suggestions on each part as its added.

* You get the game for 10 dollars rather than the final price of 15.

* In addition, I am throwing in a copy of Five Parsecs: Salvage Crew as a freebie. Cool huh?

So go grab it. 10 dollars gets you into the beta and you can start setting up a squad and testing the tactical environment tonight!

Then as each day goes by, more and more content will appear until you have the final game in your hands.

Saturday, 27 July 2019

Renegade Scout Elite Pack

"Old School" gaming is all about playing games your way and Nordic Weasel games most definitely embrace that as much as I can.

The new Elite Pack just released for Renegade Scout offers a host of new options for your games:

The Strange Terrain and Strange Worlds tables in the rulebook caught a lot of peoples eyes, so I've expanded both of them with 10 more options each.
You can use a D20 to pick or just pick whatever you haven't tried yet.

I've added a Blitz Mode.
This is a set of game options allowing for both faster and much bigger games.
By using simplified movement, combining injury/armor into a single roll and otherwise stream lining things, you could easily play a huge game and be done in a reasonable time.
Blitz is also suitable for players who want to play a normal sized game with a couple of squads, but like things to zip along for a lunch break game.

Next up, we have War Mode.
This is essentially the opposite: A slower paced, more "gritty" way to play the game that incorporates suppression, lingering demoralization and greatly emphasizes combined arms warfare.
If you want a muddy, nasty scifi war game, give this a shot!

Both modes are built so you could extract a few rules if you like.
You might want to use the suppression token mechanic from War Mode but also adopt the combined kill roll from Blitz Mode. Who knows?

Finally the points system.
This isn't a full "build system" in the sense of tallying each stat point and multiplying by whatever.
Rather it offers a points value for every alien in the rulebook, all the weapons and vehicles, so you can build some squads.
Personalities can be constructed as well.

If you like using points to prepare an army in advance, I think you'll find the value of RS will go up quite a bit.

With time, I'd like to look into full blown army lists but I am not promising anything.

You can grab the new expansion below

If you are new to Renegade Scout and this has made you decide to delve in, you can also get the rulebook and Elite pack for a few bucks off

Friday, 26 July 2019

A few questions I get sometimes

There's a couple questions that crop up occasionally, so I thought I'd take a moment to answer them.

* Is Nordic Weasel a one-man operation?

Mostly yes.
I get help from assorted people particularly with testing, feedback, photos etc. and games with "fluff" text often feature some writing from friends or my wife.

All the grunt work and I'd say 90% of the design work is all me though.

* Is Nordic Weasel Games your day-job?

Yes, it is.
People get surprised at that but yes, NWG makes enough to pay our rent and car bill each month, though it's hardly a luxurious existence.
It does mean everyday is "casual Friday" in the office though.

* Do you pay artists?

I do pay for artwork yes.
Photos of miniatures is typically not something I pay for, though I am happy including links to blogs, websites, painting services etc.

* What programs do you use?

I started out using Gimp and LibreOffice.
Currently I use the default stuff on the Mac: Pages, Keynote and Photos.

* Have you ever written for someone else?

I have never written a game as a freelancer, though I'd consider it in the right circumstances.

* Have you ever been involved with games other people have written?

A few times yeah, usually through feedback and helping the rules be clearer and sharper.
If you want to contract me for such services, email me.

* Are the music lists in your games real?

Yeah, it's generally the albums I listened to while doing most of the writing.
I might add an extra album if it's something that really fits the topic.

* Why do you write so many games?

I have a lot of ideas.
For marketing purposes, it might make more sense to write one game for a topic and then just sell that but I can't work like that.
I know that sometimes put people off, because it can be confusing trying to keep up on all that but if I am still selling it, it's because I think it's a good game.

You can make a tidy sum producing one core engine and then just churning out variations of that, but that's not the Weasel way :)

* How do your games typically start out?

Most just start with a very rough mechanical idea.
FiveCore literally rests on "what if you just rolled and saw if it was a 1 or a 6",
No End in Sight started with the "roll to cross contested space" rule and so forth.

* Are you ever going to do a full blown RPG?

Not impossible. I have thoughts.

* What do you think about [insert hot button issue here] ?

Probably nothing I'm interested in discussing.
I'm a "leftist SJW beta" or whatever the current terminology is, so if you must know what I think in order to decide what games to play, there you go.

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Hammer of Democracy updates

A few tweaks to Hammer of Democracy.
We're still short on some of the initial goals (solo rules and "hero" characters for backers) but stay patient.

The most notable update is the addition of Polish troops with 5 vehicles and some guidelines on rating your grunts.
The Soviets receive stats for the 76mm regimental gun and the BA 10 armored car, Americans get the M18 "Hellcat" tank destroyer, Germans get the Sdkfz. 222 armored car and the Brits can sport a Crusader with a 6 pounder for a bit of desert fun.

Additionally, I've gone ahead and removed the "Weak HE" trait from the low calibre gun.
The trait was originally intended for things like high velocity guns that had poor HE performance (and ironically still needs to be added for those). The 37mm pea-shooters already do very little damage, so there's no need to double-dip.
Points costs have been adjusted to reflect the removed trait.

Panzerfaust were probably a bit too good. Now they require a 9 to hit at 6" range.

As scenario clocks were a bit long, the roll has been changed to 3D6x4 minutes.

Also infantry anti-tank weapons now have a points value. I have no idea what I was thinking there.

Hope you all enjoy the new goodies!

Monday, 1 July 2019

Five Leagues PDF and a general clarification.

First, I've had someone point out that the Five Leagues 2nd edition PDF requests a password if you try to edit it.
That's not intentional, but give me a day or two to get that figured out.

I know people like to edit PDF"s to add their own notes, book marks etc. and I have no intention of messing with that stuff.

Second, I occasionally get questions about printing.

You of course have permission to print out your games through any service you like.
I have spoken to people who have had trouble in some stores, because of IP/Piracy concerns.
Some of my games have a note added specifically stating that printing is allowed, but if you run into any trouble, proof of purchase from Wargame Vault should help.
I am also happy to provide any proof or info needed.

Third, on the same topic, I get questions about what you can do with the game legally.

My answer is that you can print out such hand-outs as you need to run the game at a club etc. provided the handouts aren't basically replacing the need for the book.

Usually printing out the relevant tables will be fine.

Newer titles include a Permissions section specifying exactly what you can and cannot do.