Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Rolling up a warband in Five Leagues 2

Let's work through the process of creating a new war band to play with.

The broad strokes should be mostly the same as in the first game, but a few things have been tweaked.

We're going with the default Challenge Level for this one, so we'll have 4 Heroes and 4 Followers.

Hero 1:
The base profile is:
Agility 1
Speed 4
Combat 0
Toughness 3

Four D20 rolls later and we have:

+1 to Speed, 2 Gold Coins in the pocket and the Foraging and Thick Headed skills.

Seems like some sort of ranger type. We'll call him Ragnar.

Hero 2:

+1 Toughness, has a Quick Sword (reroll 1's in melee).

I am imagining a duellist. We'll call him Sturgin.

Hero 3:

+1 Speed, +1 Agility, 3 Gold Coins, Leadership Skill.
Has 1 point each of Will and Luck.
Obviously the leader of the war band. She'll be Aray.

Hero 4:
+1 Agility. 3 Gold Coins. Teaching Skill.
Seems like a monk type might work here, so how about Tuck ?

Hero gear
We can stash all the coins together in a single pool of 9. That should keep us going for a little bit.

We can give two of our heroes a Quality weapon so I give Ragnar a Longbow and Aray gets a Bastard Sword.

The other two will have Basic weapons so Tuck picks up a Standard weapon (staff) and Sturgin gets a Self bow to give us some more missile fire.

We can give one hero Full Armor (Aray), one hero Partial (Sturgin) and the rest get Light Armor.
In addition we get one helmet and one shield.
I'll give both the Sturgin and make him a bit of a tank.

These always get the base profile.
The flavor table gives us:
A wily rogue, two angry villagers and a militia man.

With the equipment selections available, we give the rogue a self bow and militia armor.
The militia man gets a standard weapon and light armor.
The villagers get standard weapons and no armor.

Unusual backgrounds
Though we could just choose, I make a random roll instead and get one of the villagers to get an unusual background roll.
Turns out he's a Big Guy: He gets +1 Toughness, any armor worn must be purchased specifically for him and he can't Dash.

Final steps:
I roll for gold and get 5 more coins for a total of 14.
To this, I add the number of Heroes giving me a final of 18.

We get two doses of Healing Herbs in our backpack.

I pick Aray as my Avatar figure adding 1 more Will and Luck to her.
I pick Sturgin to be the Retainer: Basically a loyal henchman who won't bail on us.

Rolling for Story Points gives me....1. Ouch.

And with that, we're ready to go adventuring!

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  1. Sounds like a fun and easy way to do things and you immediately get an idea of what your warband looks like. I look forward to hear about their adventures.