Wednesday, 26 June 2019

A sample encounter in Five Leagues 2

Lets take a look at how we figure out our encounter in Five Leagues.

I am adventuring (i.e. looking for trouble, so I roll D100 and a 83 gives me a Roadside AND a Combat encounter.
(and since this is an example, if I hadn't rolled that, I would probably cheated to showcase both, but today the dice were with me).


This means we met someone interesting while traveling.
The D100 roll gives us a Pilgrim, headed to or from some holy place.

We could just ignore them, but let's chat them up.

Another roll suggests they are Polite. We talk for a few, but they don't end up contributing any benefits or hazards to our campaign.

We thank the nice gentleman/lady and move on.


We're facing off against the most serious Threat to the nearby village: In our case thats Outlaws.

A roll for the exact type gives us Looters. General hooligans out to steal stuff.
Well, thats just why we're here. Only authorized looting is permitted in this kingdom!

The die roll for the encounter situation says we've found their camp.
That means a bit of a tougher fight, so we have the option of sneaking away.
Doing so risks the Threat level increasing, as the bandits loot the locals, so we'll fight it out.

When rolling for the number, I get a 3. Looters always add +2 and we add +1 since its a camp, so 6 enemies in total. That's not too bad.
As its a camp, they will also have a Captain present, as their leader and we won't roll for any Personalities then.

We'll have a couple quick rolls for the setup, but since Im not taking pictures of anything, we'll skip that here.

I do get to roll to see if I can Seize the Initiative.
My 2D6 roll is an 11 and I get +1 since Im raiding them. Thats easily over the 9 required, so I get a bonus turn basically, since we take them by surprise.


I decide to roll for Variations. I roll 3D6 scoring a 1, 4 and 6.
Well, the dice are keen on showing off today, since this means I get to give the enemy both a Strength and a Flaw.
The Strength is that one of the enemies is a Heavy Hitter: He'll get a bonus to punch through armor. I'll need a suitably beefy model for that.

On the flipside, another enemy is a Wimp. If he takes a hit, he'll flee the battle.

I decide I want to go full hog on the random factors, so I am also going to roll up an Oddity.
An 18 on the D100 table gives me Gloom: The battle takes place in the dark, which drastically limits missile fire, prevents characters from Dashing and penalizes Seize the Initiative rolls (though i still made it).

Since Looters have no archers and the war band typically does, this works mostly to their advantage, but we should still have a decent chance against them.


This probably took about 5 minutes to do and we now have a nice little tabletop scenario to play through.


Well, let's say we win.

First, if we held the field we can roll for an Unusual Find.
We find a sack of interesting stuff, offering a bonus Loot roll later. Cool!

Second, we can roll to reduce the Threat level in the region. As we cleared a camp, we need to roll a 3 or better which we do, so we reduce the Threat from 4 to 3.
Since we killed a Captain, we get an extra chance to roll a 6 and it succeeds, so we drop Threat down to a 2.

Now... Loots!
A camp raid means we got 3 rolls and that sack gives us a fourth. Not bad.

The first roll is an enchanted item: A Thorn of Ice!
This is a handy one use item, which can turn a character immune to damage for 2 turns. Not bad if you have to hold up a troll or something.

The second roll is some silver jewelry.
The third is a talisman.

Finally, that sack turns out to hold 4 gold coins and a dose of energizing herbs.

Not a bad haul for wiping out a bunch of scoundrels I should think.

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