Friday, 31 May 2019

Where all can I catch Nordic Weasel stuff?

The internet is a wild sprawling place and you can't just jump on ICQ and hope for the best any longer (or so I am told).

You can follow Nordic Weasel or get in touch in any of the following ways:

* The main blog at for news, updates, musings about game design etc.

* If you use MeWe, you can follow me at
I do respond to chat questions on there, though not always instantaneously.

* We have our own forum sub-section on the where you can post questions and share battle reports.
New releases are also usually posted to the news page there.

* If you use Discord, come check us out at where myself and other gamers hang out, chat about miniatures, share pictures of our projects, discuss rules and generally goof off.
Note this is strictly a politics and meme free zone but if you want to chat with myself or other gamers in real time, it's great fun.

* We also have a Facebook page at 
This is run by my wife who filters any questions through to me and posts up the responses.
At the moment, facebook chat is not an option to contact me.

* Of course you are always welcome to email me. If you have my old Gmail address, I still get email from there but to help make sure I don't miss your correspondence, please send it to and allow a day or two for a response.

If you have several questions (or very detailed ones) or in-depth feedback, I prefer to receive it through email since its both easier for me to respond to and easier to save for future reference.

I occasionally get suggestions from fans that it would help us to engage with this or that social media platform, website or online service.
I appreciate those suggestions and I do take them into account, but at the moment I am not looking to expand our internet footprint.

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