Monday, 20 May 2019

What happened to ....

Over the years some games have come and gone from the Nordic Weasel line up.
I get questions about it, so I thought I'd share a few glimpses from the past as well as some insight into the process of writing games.

Basically, I try to do things a bit more public than some designers and companies do.
That means you often get more insight, we do a lot of public beta tests and so forth, which I think fans appreciate.
The downside is that if something does not seem like it's going to work out, or I don't think it's viable as a game or as a commercial product, you can feel a bit left out.

I still think on balance it's a better system, but there's always room to improve of course.

So what happened to that game?

In no particular order:

Fast and Dirty (FAD)
A game that still gets recommended in forum discussions when people ask about hard scifi rules.

I sold off the rights to the game and if you look online, you can find their take on the rules, which includes some changes, streamlining and detailing. It is, to my knowledge, also free.

I have not ruled out revisiting some of the base concepts again in the future, but it'd have to be done right and without feeling like it was too close to the original.

Trench Storm
Originally published by The Tin Dictator, the rights reverted to me for a while before being sold off.
I am unaware of the current status of the game right now.

I don't foresee having any projects in that vein. Trench Hammer has mostly taken that role.

Blast Pistol etc.
These "mini systems" were reasonably popular so they will return but things keep getting in the way.
I wanted to turn the disparate systems into a single, low-involvement skirmish system.

An orc too far
Response to this was very limited but the people who got into it really liked it.
I still hope to finish it some day.

Acrid smell of powder
Similar in that only a handful of people ever communicated any interest (though they did like it).
I think the presentation was too dull, so I will sit on this one for a while and then try to re-do it.

I worry that the game was too abstract for what it was trying to accomplish (and may have tried to tread the same ground as the black powder version of Blast Pistol, while doing it less well)

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