Wednesday, 8 May 2019

The weasel and the miniatures page

I was alerted to the fact that some people were wondering why my account was locked out on The Miniatures Page a while back, despite my games generally being well regarded over there.

I'd let this lie but people who are interested deserve to know and the truth has a habit of being distorted by the management of the site.
So if you care about internet drama, here you go. If you do not, well, good on you.

To clarify a long time ago, in a discussion about US policy in Afghanistan, a gentleman suggested that we should adopt the methods of the Germans in handling the issue due to their brutality.

As I'm not a particularly great fan of genocide, I posted a picture of German soldiers executing Russian civilians and asked if that's what he meant.

The gentleman, who prides himself on being a straight shooter who disdains people being too easily offended reported my post, which got me locked for a few days.
The charge was that I'd called him a Nazi.
While my account was locked, the gentleman in question repeatedly slandered me on the forums.

When I got unlocked, I posted that I was going to take a few days off the forum.

Bill, the editor and owner of the site, took that as an opportunity to personally attack and insult me, while several posters pointed out that the initial charge was absurd and that I shouldn't have been sanctioned at all.

So I resolved to not return as anyone would have done.

However, I believe in forgiving and forgetting, so I will extend this offer:

Should Bill provide a written apology including the words "I am sorry I am such a massive tool" then I would consider returning to his site.

That is all.


  1. I bailed on TMP a while ago. There's still some good information there, but I felt there was too much nastiness with how some people were treated. Sorry to hear how this incident went down, but certainly not sorry you left.

  2. I left TMP a while ago. I never looked back.

  3. Hi there. I'm frankly surprised this post hasn't garnered more commentary. I was kicked off a few years ago after making a comment:

    "it's posts like these that make me glad I'm not a paying member of this site" to which TMP Bill wrote me a message and said to me "in fact, you're not a member at all anymore! Goodbye!" I posted it on my blog to rave reviews.

    The only time I go there now is if Google takes me there for some kind of rules question or research. Even then my conscience bothers me.

  4. I believe I was banned commenting on the same thread. I believe all I said was "Just looking at this thread says everything you need to know", referring to the thread being filled with deleted comments. Bill said something along the lines of "And you can go too :)" What a d*ck.

  5. I got banned for posting the links to the 40k 8th edition teasers. Bill is a shitlord and the place is a shitshow.

  6. I was "suspended" (for how long? I don't know, as I'm locked out) about a week ago.
    In a thread about an upcoming film about Napoleon, the usual suspects were already lambasting it. A not uncommon occurrence on TMP, where all films set in historical periods are deemed "useless". My crime was suggesting that TMPers never watch historical films, as it would just upset them. I was charged and convicted of "disrespecting the TMP community". Which nowadays means Tango and three other guys.

  7. The place appears to be in an unrecoverable death spiral.
    Multiple ongoing TMP talks / flame wars about bannings.
    A whiny thread about "Boycotting", send money kids - cancel culture is bad.
    And the regular calls for atrocities / genocide in "less white" parts of the world.