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Five Leagues player survey

Five Leagues player questions

Five Leagues from the Borderlands has proven to be a big success that players have really responded to.

In the interest of guiding where to go next, I wanted to ask some questions of you guys.

Feel free to write as much or as little to any of these questions.

If you have no strong opinion on a specific question, leave it out.

I am not committing to changing any one specific aspect of the game based on this survey.
If you ask 100 gamers about something, you will get 101 responses after all, but I will absolutely take your answers into account when developing or updating the rules and expansions.

If I didn’t specifically ask about a topic, feel free to write it in too.

Direct the responses to me at
I can't reply to blog comments for some reason, so please dont leave your responses here. I apologize for the trouble.

**The overall campaign structure

Do you feel the length of a campaign is too long?

We’ve recently tweaked the rules a little to make campaigns a bit shorter and easier to complete.

Is finishing campaigns and moving to the next one important to you or are you more interested in the individual battles?

**Is the campaign too easy/too punishing?

How do you feel the difficulty is?

We intend Five Leagues to be a challenging, tough experience but of course it also has to be fun and permit character development.

Is it too difficult to scrape by? Do you get too powerful too quickly? Is it too hard to level up?

Is loot too understated? Too rewarding? Are you swimming in gold or barely scraping by?

**The themes of the game?

Do you enjoy the gritty, low-fantasy feel we’ve taken so far?

Would you like to fight more fantastical beasties?

Would you like more interesting character abilities?

Do you prefer the game doubles down on the gritty faux-realistic approach?

Do you want more horror/dark fantasy elements? More high fantasy?

**Weapon styles?

Feedback on the weapon styles (one handed, two handed etc.) have been quite mixed.

Some players seem to really like them, some seem to find them too fiddly or difficult.

What is your view? Do you like them? Are any of them too good / too weak / too boring?

Would you rather replace them with more conventional weapon profiles?

Something else entirely?

Do you find the skill system works well?

Any skills that are too good? Any that are too weak or never come up?

Would you rather have fewer, more dramatic skills or do you like the potential to have a lot of small skills for specific areas?

How do you like the idea of special skills acquired from playing specific expansion packs?

**Rules that clunk/rules that flow?

Looking purely at game mechanics, what rules in Five Leagues do you really enjoy/feel are innovative/give a great game experience?

What rules feel like they are not needed/too cumbersome/bog down the game?

**House rules?

Do you have house rules or tweaks you employ? If so, what are they?


As written, we intended Five Leagues to be playable by basically rolling the dice and following the rulebook.

In other words, the game will tell you what happens and you don’t have to make a lot of decisions about it.

Some gamers prefer a campaign where the player is expected to make up more stuff. This allows more features to be added to the campaign (for example a creature list without needing every creature to be on an encounter table) while also making the game less “pick up and play”.

How do you feel about that?

**Future directions?

Do you want the game to receive more wargame elements? (larger battles, leadership abilities, more detailed morale, troop types)

More RPG elements? (quests, character progression, traveling the world) ?


Do you prefer smaller, cheaper expansions that can be slotted into an existing campaign or bigger expansions that form new campaigns of their own?

Would you want to see expansions that go outside the core game play? For example dungeon exploration, field battles, competitive play etc?


How do you think the rules compare to other, similar systems available? (solo fantasy/medieval campaign games)

Outside of production values and glossy books, What strengths does Five Leagues have over them?

What areas does the competition do better?

**Anything else on your mind?

Any other things you’d like to suggest?

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