Sunday, 19 May 2019

Anniversary and a thank you to all of you

Greetings friends and gamers.

This month is something rather special.
It’s the 5 year anniversary of starting Nordic Weasel Games.

It’s been a big, crazy ride.
Together, we’ve explored WW2, black powder warfare, scifi gang squabbles and mass hovertank warfare. Pulp adventure and cold war campaigns. 
We’ve campaigned, we’ve solo’ed and hopefully we’ve had a dang good time in the process.

I don’t know what I expected when I quit my job to write games.
I knew I had ideas that I thought people would enjoy. I knew I loathed working for an unethical company that demanded I treat the people below me like dirt.

I was uncertain whether you could make “real money” off writing games. 
I certainly didn’t fully anticipate the multitudes of things that I’d have to learn: 
How to talk to customers who had demands. How to react to reviews. How to improve my layout skills.
How to make a book be presentable and more importantly how to make it easy to use.

You could pick up a book and learn many of those things of course. I just rushed into it and figured it out as we went.

What nobody could prepare me for was the emails.
People writing me telling me how a game had gotten them back into miniatures.
Or how they just spent an afternoon playing a battle with their children and had a blast.
How someone went out and bought a brand new army just to play a game I’d written.
Someone telling me something was the best game of its kind that they’d ever played.

And it’s easy to bask in flattery. I’m only human after all and I wouldn’t write if I didn’t think I had something sort-of-important to say.

But it also reminds me of something different:
That gaming is about being human.
They’re only toy soldiers, but we all know that isn’t really true. 
They can be stories. They can be connections to our family or our friends. They can be a learning experience.
They can be moments and memories.

If I stopped tomorrow (not that I intend to) I think all you crazy people out there would have given me enough moments and memories to warm my heart for a life-time.

To celebrate the last five years and the next five, we’re doing some big bundle sales.

The bundles are all 55% off, except the Mega Bundle.

If you own some of the products in the Bundles, it should remove those from the price, so these are a fantastic way to finish out a collection. 
If you’ve been pondering something new to get into or just want a bunch of cool ideas to borrow for your own table, why not a grab a bundle for something brand new?

We have a FiveCore bundle, offering all the core systems for the FiveCore family of games: Literally where it all started for Nordic Weasel.

A bundle for the In Sight series of harshly realistic platoon warfare

Five Parsecs for scifi solo gaming fun. Should include all supplements.

Five Leagues for solo fantasy gaming. Should include all supplements.

An Assorted bundle with a collection of games that didn’t fit anywhere else.

Our famous Starport Scum and Dungeon Scum pseudo-RPG rules and supplements.

Renegade Scout and all expansions for your retro scifi fix.

All our Hammer games, for rules-light play across the ages.

Greatest Hits. This is a collection of what I consider the crowning achievements of Nordic Weasel design.
If you want the best, this is it.

Mega bundle.
This mad bundle is ALL of the core rulebooks we sell currently.
You want the entire thing? You want more games than you’ll play this year?
This is it. This is all of it.

Once again. Thank you. I literally couldn’t have done it alone.

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  1. Thanks for all the fun over the years - I've enjoyed a number of your games!