Saturday, 13 April 2019

Weasel news

Cheers gamers.
It's been a while since I've posted anything new, so after a kind reminder I thought I'd take the time to lay out the situation with Nordic Weasel Games, where we are and where we're headed.

I don't want to delve into too much detail, because well, you're here to hear about gaming, not my pity-parade, but in short order we ended up having to find a new place to live on very short notice, my wife having to switch jobs and drop her classes, the kid changing schools, changes to health insurance and general economic insecurity.

Basically, anything that could change did, over the course of like 2 months, in the middle of a snow storm.

So that kind of knocked the wind out of us for a while and there's still some major uncertainties facing us going forward.
For one, since our old landlord tried to evict us, even though it was dismissed in court, the fact that it's on our record might make renting more difficult in the future.

The good news is that we're back on our feet in general and the stress levels have decreased.

Throughout the process, we had a small horde of incredibly generous people step in to help us out, which allowed us to get through the move and come out on the other side.
Some were close friends, some were people I knew online, some were just random strangers and gamer dudes.

I'd put out a list with thank you's, but I don't know if people want their names known, so I decided not to.

Just know that there were a lot of you, and you reduced both of us to tears on several occasions with your selfless generosity.

It's incredibly humbling to realize that when the world goes to shit, you have people out there looking out for you.

* * * * *

So on to the gaming talk then!

If you didn't get the email notification, we're creeping back into the game with the expansion pack for Trench Hammer (and October Hammer, it's sister). 

As usual, this is a pack of alternate rules, options, new units and other goodies to help spice up your games and help you set up a wider range of scenarios, including more support for Eastern front and early war battles.

Some of the ideas are culled from Hammer of Democracy which leads us to:

* * * * *

Hammer of Democracy has been delayed out longer than I felt comfortable with.
I guess since the campaign didn't fund fully, everyone was expecting it to be slower but I still feel bad about it since fast turn-around times is one of the things I pride myself on.

On top of that, as with any project of that size, re-writes and adjustments happen.
The original approach to army building was far too convoluted and impenetrable to be workable, so that had to go back on the drawing board.

There's still an open question whether we'll have a formula for calculating points values or if they'll be eye-balled.

A few players have mentioned that rather than a giant list of obscure vehicles, they'd prefer an okay list of vehicles and then a system to be able to calculate "this gun plus this hull" similar to how the old WRG rules did it.

As a positive, a lot more playtest feedback has come in during these few months, which should help ensure the game be as good as possible.

What does all that add up to?

Hammer of Democracy will be next and it will hopefully not be too much longer.
If you have final thoughts before "feature lock", now is the time to hit em up.

* * * * *
The Squad Hammer Toolkit will follow after that. We're about three quarters done I'd say, but once it's a bit closer, I'll start providing it to some of the inner circle and the hardcore *Hammer players, so they can kick the tires a bit before we release it.

I think it will basically allow you to upgrade/replace/exchange/tweak almost any aspect of the game to your liking.

* * * * *
Finally on the Hammer front, we're at the goal for the Squad Hammer license so thats exciting.

I am reviewing some similar licenses online to try and find out how to do this practically, and what exactly will be included in it and what will not.

More on that later.

Once we're through all this, the attention will turn to providing updates for some older products, but I'll talk about that when we get there.

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  1. Exciting stuff. I'm glad that things are slowly settling down over there. Obviously the stress level never goes away entirely so good to be grateful for the good times as they come :) Take care of yourself and your family first, we gamers are happy to wait for you.