Saturday, 20 April 2019

I'd just like to say "welcome aboard" the entire glossy book gaming industry for finally catching up to warband-level gaming.

2 years ago, it was the province of the likes of 5150, In the Emperor's Name and the stuff I write.

Now, it seems every 7 minutes a big company announces a new warband-level game with exp advancement and this and that.
Glossy kickstarters with miniatures too. Even GW is getting back in the game, realizing that half the reason all those games popped up is because they stopped publishing Necromunda and Inquisitor.

Which means the time before the market gets choked on that particular idea is also counting down fast.

What's the next trend going to be?


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  2. Uh, if I could look into the future I would look for the numbers of EuroJackpot (90 millions jackpot currently....) ;)

    However if I have to guess there are some trends that may come for the next few years:
    1. Rules:
    a) I think we will see a return of the more complex rule systems. There are people out there wanting more detailed results of their actions.
    The point is doing this complexity simple (this may not so contradictory as it sounds - it all comes down to the mechanics)
    b) This resonants in my second guess - some systems may even more fuse with RPGs than the current skirmish/warband styles, e.g. mechanics for what happens between the fighting.
    c) The greater complexity also will return to the smaller scales. Just look to the unbroken popularities of Dirtside or Battletech. (Well, I concentrate on Sci Fi because it´s what I mostly play)
    d) return of assymetrical scenarios (hero character(s) vs hordes of enemies, especially for solo games, like Rangers of Shadow Deep

    a) Another guess for the coming two years is a resurface of Cyberpunk settings with game mechanics for hacking including manipulation of playing field machinery (camera´s, alarm systems, doors, drones and, of course, sentry guns) and turning them on the opposition.
    With the potential publishing of the Cyberpunk 2077 video game this year I think that will be a sure thing.
    b) The new try on a Dune movie adoption is coming for the next years. This will be a thing for the smaller scales with mechanics like Westwood´s video game series (e.g. spice harvesting)