Saturday, 12 January 2019

So what mechanics changed?

Squad Hammer Core represents sort of a middle ground between the original Squad Hammer and some of the innovations that will show up in Hammer of Democracy.

It will also form the foundation for future work, as we move towards more of a "building blocks" approach.

Here's a few of the mechanical changes in a bit more detail:

* The Withdraw Order is now Defend.
This offers a point of automatic "healing", a penalty on incoming shots and lets you move away from the enemy, making for a very handy defensive option that I think will be a lot more attractive.

The defensive status carries over until the unit moves or is activated again, allowing you to "huddle for cover".

* Regrouping now heals 2 points of damage automatically instead of the sequential roll system of the original.

* We've added a "Carry Out" order which serves as a catch-all for almost any non-combat activity.
If you need to dismount some cavalry, embark on a transport vehicle or set up a radio transmitter, this is it.

* Moving in terrain is simpler and easier to adjudicate now.

* A short, concise list of hit modifiers is offered up, so shooting is more "out of the box" than before.
If you want to play without making up your own modifiers, that's easier than before.

* Close combat is now an opposed roll, with the loser suffering the difference in damage points.
This is a lot more exciting and feels more "impactful" than before and feedback has been very positive.

There's a lot of other little tweaks but those should summarize the primary factors.

Let me know how you get on with it.

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