Friday, 25 January 2019

A plea for help

I hate to do this but please read. I desperately need help.

Cheers friends.

As you may know if you follow my feed, the past week has been extremely stressful and chaotic.
Along with not knowing the future of my wife’s employment, we were informed by our landlord that a problem existed in our apartment and given 7 days to correct it or have eviction proceedings initiated.

We took every possible step to remedy the situation throughout the week, but every time we spoke to the management company to update them, they have changed their story and continued to provide vague and open-ended directions.

On the 25th, we were informed that despite steam cleaning the entire apartment, they intend to proceed with eviction proceedings.
It’s become clear that they were never intending for us to be able to satisfy their demands and are pushing to have us removed, likely to be able to increase rents for a new renter instead.

We have found a new apartment and extended an offer to simply move out before the court date and both parties can go their own ways.
Unfortunately we don’t know yet if they will accept the offer.

While we do have legal representation, this unfortunately has put us in a rough position financially:
We need month and a half rent for the new apartment, deposits, possible cost of movers, all the various fees that goes along with a new living situation and we still don’t know what the financial fallout of the current situation is.

This goes on top of having to tear up the kids life with a new school and everything.

We have some limited items that we can sell but this is going to be very difficult for us to manage, so I am turning to the internet to see if anyone is able to help us out.

I know many of you are in rough spots yourselves, and I know everyone is short these days but if anyone can spare anything to help us, we would dearly appreciate it.
Even a few bucks will help.

My PayPal address is

If you want to purchase some gaming PDF’s, we’re also available at 

I will be putting up some discounts this weekend as well to help scare up some funds.
If you want to help out in the most efficient way, PayPal is probably better (as Wargame Vault takes their cut), but I won’t be able to provide you with gaming PDF’s in return for direct donations.

If you can spread the word a bit, that'd help tremendously too.

If we can rustle up a few hundred, I will try to put together some sort of “thank you” RPG or Wargame products for you all once we’re securely in the new place.

I thank you all for your time and consideration. 

I don’t remember a time in our lives when I’ve ever felt more concerned and worried about our future.

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