Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Squad Hammer and licensing

So one of the offers I made was that if we hit 500 dollars of sales for the Pay What You Want edition of Squad Hammer, I'll make an open gaming license available.

We're about a third of the way there.
Statistically, it looks like a little bit over a third of people paid and a bit under two thirds got it for free.

I had absolutely zero expectations on what that ratio would look like, but that looks about fair to me.
I have no idea if anyone went back to pay after downloading it for free or if people even know you can do that.

So what would an open license look like?

It would cover most or all of what is in the Core booklet, making it available for use to build your own spin-off games with, with a few basic requirements (no Nazi Porno games or whatever).
The idea would be that if you want to publish a scenario or your own little game, you could use any of that frame-work and a "Powered by Squad Hammer" note on the front cover, to help both of us get more eyes (and sales).

I have big plans for Squad Hammer as a system and enabling third party work would be a huge step forward for the system and creating an eco-system of sorts.

There's three more steps to the plan for Hammer-based world domination, but I'll talk about those when we are ready.

In the meantime, if you are excited about this:

* Leave a rating or review on Wargame Vault. Don't fluff it up, be honest and genuine.

* Talk to your friends. Recommend Squad Hammer on forums.

* If you got it for free and love it, please consider going back and throwing in a few bucks.

* If you have suggestions for rules, ideas, things that could be clarified etc., get in touch.