Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Work thoughts ideas projects and questions

We've been quiet for a bit but I am about to surface for air with a few exciting projects.

Five Parsecs

Five Parsecs owners have generally responded very favorably to the 2nd edition system, but there's been some concerns about the random tables not being as fun (and lacking flavor text).

Likewise, I think there's a lot of little tweaks that can be done to tidy up campaign play, make enemies easier to work with and just make the game cooler.

Stay tuned.
Five Leagues have had the spotlight for a while, but we're about to fire up the starship engines again.

Hammer of Democracy

Hammer of Democracy is still in testing, though I feel like the core mechanics are getting nailed down really well.
Of course, we benefited massively from Squad Hammer being a known property, which has made it much easier to work with.

Response to using fixed damage has gone from dubious to fairly positive I think.
It's still the biggest "controversy" in the new system, but I think it works very well for WW2.

I am not sure it'd fit well in scifi games, but the "Support" system will almost certainly be backported into Squad Hammer as an option.
It really is something neat.
A common problem in WW2 games is that the relationship between infantry squads and machine guns or between vehicles and anti-tank guns isn't really "right".
Support weapons often formed the backbone of a fighting position, but a lot of games (including former NWG titles) don't really account for that all that well.

The Support system I think nails it: Whether you are using a machine gun team to repel an assault, mortars to support your own attack or anti-tank guns to defend against enterprising enemy armor, I think the "feel" is much closer than most games I've played.

Those are big words of course, but check it out for yourself!

I am not 100% certain how much longer we'll make Phase 1 available for, but as long as it's for sale, if you grab it, you can get the full rules at a discount when they are available.


What else am I doing currently?

As you have probably noticed online, I am currently tinkering with a 40K 2nd edition project.
This is pure nostalgic feel-good for me, though I have stated before that I find the 2nd edition rules to be an extremely fun system for all their clunk.

Board game wise, I still need to get some more time with The Russian Campaign.

I've also started doing some pretty guerilla-style videos on Youtube, talking about various military history aspects and maybe some book reviews down the right.
It's super lo-fi, but if you are curious, check out the 4 videos we've done so far.

I have no real plans to do Youtube on anything resembling full-time basis, but a video or two each week (holidays permitting!) seems fun.

Is Nordic Weasel Games my primary job?

I've had this question a few times but yes, it absolutely is.

On a slow month, it pays our rent, on a good month, it pays most of our bills.

I know for a lot of writers, it's a side gig, beer money or just a fun hobby and I know some people don't want to mix up work and hobby, but for me, it's absolutely my income source.

Will Nordic Weasel ever do more RPG stuff?

Not impossible but not super likely.

There's a lot of money in RPG's (and more than in miniatures games too) making it very tempting, but the market is also completely saturated currently.

Original systems have a very low chance of success of being noticed at all, and I don't really have any interest in churning out yet more "re-imaginings" of B2 or whatever.

On top of that, the indie RPG scene seems to devolve in drama and weird internet culture politics every 3 hours and I'd rather eat glass than be involved in any of that.

What we will do though is tinker more with solo RPG'ing (ala Usurper and Blade&Lockpick) and the RPG/Miniatures overlap where a lot of my fans reside.
It is not impossible that the future could wield a more RPG-oriented take on Starport Scum (for example), but that's just a thought for now.

Will you ever make more retro-clone stuff ?

Renegade Scout has been a fun success, but I don't know if it's something I want to do again.

I really don't want to position Nordic Weasel as "the ripoff company" and I have no intention of simply re-building existing ideas in new packaging.
I tackled Renegade Scout, because I think it could be done right and that previous attempts had fallen short.

Reviews have suggested I was correct, but that well has poisoned water at the bottom.

Will you ever make FAD material again?


The rights to FAD were sold off and I cannot produce any material for it.

I don't think I am done with scifi skirmish gaming completely (particularly in the field of "large skirmish with individual figures), but it'll be a while before we delve into new systems in that field.
In particular there's a lot of older projects that need revision.

Will any older games receive updates?

Yeah, I WANT to go through and revise many of our old titles to be a bit more approachable.

In some cases, it's mostly a case of improving wording, adding more examples, that sort of thing.
Maybe fold in some of the options out there to be part of the core mechanics.

I do not have any time tables for that though and making promises tends to go poorly.

Squad Hammer will see its update first most likely, because the points system needs a bit of hammer and nails.
After that, we'll look at older titles going all the way back.

Do you have a dream project?

Yeah, I'd love to make a scifi blood-bowl style game, but I have no idea where to even start with that.

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