Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Renegade Scout source book 2 - Light vehicles!

After much wait, you can now speed on to the battlefields of the retro-future on anything from motor cycles to speeder bikes to military trikes that a futuristic bren carrier?

Renegade Scout sourcebook 2 offers everything you need to field light vehicle units:

Rules (covering everything from evading fire to crashing), new skills, upgrades, command decisions and ways to deploy your vehicles.

Send your speeder bikes forward to snipe at enemy vehicles or scout their army, or keep the gun trikes back in support so you can commit them when most needed.

The supplement is available here

Don't forget we have other Renegade Scout supporting material available.

Sourcebook 1 greatly expands the use of characters and personalities in your battles

While the Scouts Report offers a grab-bag of new tools, a new playable species and more.


And of course, if you are still holding out, Renegade Scout is waiting for you offering one of the most complete scifi experiences you will have on the table top.

From the Barrel Drill review: "Renegade Scout is a good product that demonstrates how to make a retroclone right."

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