Monday, 24 December 2018

Five Parsecs character creation. What's this now?

Rolling up a new Five Parsecs character and....what is this?
This looks different from what's in the rulebook. I wonder what could be brewing?

Step 1: Species

Zresnin, a species of living crystal.
This gives us starting stats of Reactions 1, Combat 0, Move 4, Toughness 4, Charm 0, Tech 0.

Additionally, all beam weapons reduce their Damage by 1 against him/her/it, which might be rather handy.
(I have no idea how to tell the gender of a living rock, so we'll say "he" for convenience, but it could just as well be a lady-rock or a non-binary chunk of crystal).

Step 2: Class

The character is a Professional, which gives us +1 to Tech and the squad begins the game with a Corporate Contact.

Step 3: Goal

The character wants to Escape. If we manage to visit 10 different worlds while this guy is in the squad, he'll achieve the goal.

Step 4: Special roles

I figure this guy isn't really leader material, but he'll be one of the Special characters permitted to the squad, so we can raise one of the stats by 1.
We'll up Charm as well, making this guy well fitted for random tasks we come across.
He's not especially battle hardened, but with his natural resilience to lasers, we should be alright.

Step 5: Characteristic

This is completely optional and is just for roleplaying but we roll anyways and gets...Drinks a lot.
What does a chunk of animated rock drink? Why ? Does it affect him at all?

I suppose he must like the taste, so maybe he drinks liquid hydrogen or something. I don't know.

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