Monday, 24 September 2018

Five Parsecs update available

Five Parsecs From Home sees a small update today to 1.04.

Think of this as a "bridge" update, leading us to the promised land of...well, you'll see, but substantial improvements anyways.

New features are:

*A new "Personal items" table. You get a single roll on this table when creating your warband and it gives you an item that, typically, cannot be obtained any other way.

A nice way to give some an heirloom, custom item or stolen prototype gadget.

*The Character Events and Campaign Events tables have been improved.
I know a lot of you miss the more verbose original tables, so this is a first step towards that.

The new tables have a bit more text to explain what is happening. I've also tweaked a few of the results and some of them should be more exciting now.

I'll improve the character-creation tables too but that will take more time.

* When rolling up enemies, one of them will be a "Boss" with slightly improved stats.

Go ahead and download your new files when you get a chance.

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