Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Renegade Scout -The army builder

Alright, so a quick look at how you use the Army Builder in the rules.

Assuming of course that you want to use it :-)

*We're going to start with some basic infantry grunts.
The default size is 6 figures so we'll go with that, and we're going to take 3 squads of infantry.

18 figures is a good game size, it'll be cheap on the pocket and quick enough to paint, making it a perfect starter army.

Since many 15mm figures are sold in packs of 8, you only need three packs and will have a few figures left over for command personnel.

We're going to use the Unity Grunts profile.

*We decide to use Laser weapons as our baseline technology.
So each grunt gets a laser rifle and the squad leaders also get a laser pistol.
I could trade the rifles for blades but none of my squad leaders have a sword.

*Since I have 3 squads, I get 3 support weapons automatically.
This is the minimum level of firepower I can take.

I give all of them auto lasers, so I have some sustained fire weapons on hand.

*Since I have 3 squads, I get one roll for Specialist Equipment.

A 47 gives me Jammers, which I give to one of the grunts in squad 1.

*Combat Value at this point is 21 (1 per figure +1 per support weapon)

*I can now make some purchases for my force.
Since this is a beginner army, I decide to go easy on strange grenades and specialist skills, so we're going to take a Fusion Rifle for each squad and call it good.
Each additional support weapon is +1 Combat Value, so that brings us to 24 CV.

*We get a Level 8 Personality automatically, since someone has to be in charge.
That lets me increase 8 of the profile values.

I decide to take a second Personality as well, since I have a few figures left over.
They will Level 4 (as all secondary characters are).

I designate the Level 8 trooper as my Force Commander.
I'd love to take a Platoon Leader but I need at least 5 Personalities to do that, and that's a lot of guys.
We'll save that for a bigger army.

*We get two rolls on the Personal Equipment or Personal Enhancement tables.
We'll take one of each.
The equipment is a Stim Pack, which I give to my commander in the hopes of keeping him alive.
The enhancement is Gene-Modding, letting the user run and charge at triple speed.

The second personality will get that. Might let me use him as a bit of a "trouble-shooter" to bail out squads as needed.

*Combat Value for Personalities is 1 per figure, 1 per 4 Levels and 1 for a Force Commander so 6 more CV.

I give the secondary character a Ripper Fist as well for another point.

We are now at 31 CV.

From here, I could add a vehicle or a Wyrd Caster but let's keep it simple.

At 20 figures, this is an army you could paint in a (long) afternoon and would set you back about 15 bucks in 15mm.
Not bad at all and you have some freedom to play with.

Let me know how you get on!

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