Monday, 27 August 2018

NWG back to school sale

It's back to school for the kids.

That means my kid needs new shoes and backpack and it means all the gaming dads (and moms, don't forget) will suddenly have a bunch of spare time on their hands.

To solve both problems, Nordic Weasel is doing a massive "5 dollars off" sale until the 30th

Grab any of the following titles for up to 5 bucks off, if you use the codes below:

Starport Scum

From Shako to Coalscuttle

Five Parsecs From Home (for 3 bucks? Are you insane?)

Five Men at Kursk

Five Leagues from the Borderlands


Many of these games have expansions available too, so don't forget to look for those. With the discount, you can often get the game and an expansion pack for what the game would cost normally.

No matter what gaming style you are into, you can grab something cool.

And I'll do you all one better:

It even includes our brand-new Renegade Scout rules

If you were a buyer of the Stage 1 Renegade Scout rules, you can also get this discount next month, you just have to email me. And I have a future goodie planned for you guys.

Finally, just to top it all off, you can get Clash on the Fringe as a Pay-What-You-Want title.

That's right, pay literally anything you want.

Grab it as a freebie to reward yourself. Throw me a few bucks. Pay the original 15 dollar price. Use it to donate any amount you want to my kids back-to school budget.

This is one of the biggest sales we've done, so go check it out and grab stuff.

Cheers and thanks


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