Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Five Parsecs 1.03

Version 1.03 is uploaded for your enjoyment.

The changes include:

*A ton of small improvements: Better wording, unclear rules being clarified, typos, that sort of thing.

*A section has been added specifically covering terrain.
This gives definitions of terrain types and how line of sight works in all cases, as well as clarifying exactly when you are in cover.

*A two page section titled "Unusual situations" has been added.
This covers a few odd-ball situations and how to handle them.

*The rules for Brawling combat have been updated a little.
Melee weapon characters now get a +1 to their roll, while those lacking melee weapons must -1.

*Pistol is a new weapon trait, allowing you to use the pistols damage value in Brawls and roll at a +0 modifier.

*The movement rules now have a movement cost listed for entering doors and windows.

*A section has been added for competitive (player vs player ) games.

If you recently printed your rules, you can simply print the new rules sections and add them to your booklet or binder.

All three games (From Home, Gang Warfare, Salvage Crew) have been updated.
The K'Erin booklet will be updated later today to add the Pistol trait to the appropriate weapon.

I hope you are enjoying Five Parsecs.

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