Tuesday, 30 January 2018

World generation for Five Parsecs

"Every star an opportunity" was pretty popular for the original Five Parsecs, so I knew I wanted to bring it back, but simply porting it over didn't feel quite right.

While the title isn't settled yet, the new world generator is quite exciting.

It'll work with all three (for now) Five Parsecs titles and let you generate a world to play on, Traveller style.

At the moment, it will generate a name, Atmosphere type, Bio-sphere (with a chance of angry plant life), Gravity and a big, hunking D100 table with everything from pirate raids to acid raid and funny hats.

Oh, there's also new rules for random animals prowling your battle field and even a "unique animal generator" for those so inclined.

The exciting thing is that a greater degree of random table results directly affect the gameplay now, whether during the battle or in the campaign.

You will find worlds you want to call home and places that you can't wait to get away from.

Release should be within a couple of days, once I am happy with everything.

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