Friday, 26 January 2018

Five Parsecs: K'Erin Warrior aliens available

We are proud to announce the first Alien expansion pack for the Five Parsecs system.
Whether you play Five Parsecs From Home 2nd edition, Salvage Crew or Gang Warfare, you can include these proud, alien warriors in your games.

The supplement includes extensive background, expanded from that presented in Unity Field Agent originally, new character creation tables and gear, table top rules and all the information needed to integrate the K'Erin in your campaign games.

What are the K'Erin? They are warlike aliens inspired by the Star Trek Klingons and Mass Effect Turian.

Suitable for a wide range of humanoid alien miniature figures, including old Traveller figures.

No matter which system you play, your Five Parsecs game can be enriched by these belligerent alien fighters. 

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