Thursday, 4 January 2018

Five Parsecs From Home. Mega-update

So the update for Five Parsecs is done and I've gone ahead and updated it.

There's really too much to just fit in a small email, so I wanted to put a more thorough list here.

The only thing that isn't included yet are the notes for how to transfer to Salvage Crew, but those will be added later, since it's only one page.

Gang Warfare will follow with more or less the same changes in a day or so. Maaaaaaybe tonight. Maybe.

So in no particular order of importance:

* New AI rules

The "Enemy Movement" rules have been tweaked a bit to make Cautious enemies act slightly differently.
Two new AI types (Psycho and Tactical ) have been added as well and the Encounter table has been updated to account for these.

They also deploy slightly differently.

In particular, this fixes an issue where "military" type units had to be rated Cautious, which didn't feel quite right.

* Difficulty settings changed

Instead of fixed difficulty "settings", now you get a list of options you can apply to make the game easier and a list of options to make it harder.
The result is that you can tailor things more to your taste.

*Recruiting limits

The number of current squad members before you have to roll to recruit is now 6 instead of 5.
Gang Warfare will raise its number by 1 too.

This is mainly there to prevent gangs from falling into the casualty death spiral.

*Tech ability score

Salvage Crew introduces a new ability score: Tech, which is used for various problem solving situations.
To ensure compatibility (and help scenario writers) all Five Parsecs characters will have a Tech score and some character creation rolls will add to it.

*Expanded character creation

Some character creation rolls will now provide bonus experience points, quest clues, patrons or enemies.
In addition, every roll on the character creation table should provide you with something, even if that something just happens to be an enemy gunning for you.

*Problem solving rules

Nothing major but Five Parsecs has a basic task system now for various scenario-related problems.
You get a few options to quickly roll out things like lock picking and bomb disposal.

*Dash move

Characters that don't fire can move 2" extra.

*Stun rules updated

It's now clearer and more consistent that you can accumulate multiple Stun markers, they wear off at a rate of 1 per activation.
I removed the "knock out" rule, since its rather easy to forget and don't come up often enough to be worth another die roll.

*Reaction dice pool

The Reaction dice mechanic is a bit stuffy, requiring you to roll separately for each character.
Now, it's a bit quicker: Roll dice equal to your squad size and assign them as you see fit.

This means you have more control over who goes first, increases the chances of having characters go first at all and should be quicker to play.

*Heavy weapon enemies

It's now clarified that enemies with Heavy weapons don't have to advance on you, even if their AI is Aggressive.

*Injury table relaxed

The injury table has been relaxed slightly, to make the serious results a little bit less common.

*Bonus XP for Tough opponents

More of a token, but some enemies are now considered Tough and give a bit of extra XP for your troubles.

*Climbing and jumping

There are now explicit rules for climbing and jumping down from obstacles.

*Stars of the story

To prevent campaign disasters, players get a collection of 5 "get out of jail" chances.
Each does a different thing, like getting a new character or avoiding an injury but can be used only once per campaign.


Five Parsecs From Home now uses the opposed roll Brawl from Gang Warfare.

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