Thursday, 25 January 2018

Five Parsecs 1.03 plans

So here is the plan for 1.03 in a couple of weeks to a month.

Fix typos, bugs, errors and so forth.

Improve any vague or uncertain wording.

Any balance tweaks such as adjusting encounter table entries.

Each game will have a page or so added with how to handle "competitive" games (versus other players).

Each game will have a "rating" system added, letting you figure out a points value of sorts for your crew.
This can both help gauge when to make difficulty adjustments, help with balancing competitive games and in the future, it might be integrated into the encounter system too.

D and E can be added to the end of the rules and the rest will be rather minor, so no need to print everything again when it happens.
The idea is you can just print the couple of new pages and slip them in the back of your binder.

Anyways, that's the rough idea. Let me know what you think.

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