Saturday, 6 January 2018

Army building in October Hammer

Thought I'd take a second to discuss how you build armies in October Hammer.

Well, other than just grabbing the mini's you want to play with and calling it a day, that is.

Let's say we're putting on a game between the Czechs in Siberia and a detachment of "Red Guard", then we'll just walk through the steps one at a time.

Guards are Irregulars meaning they roll two dice and use the lower for command points (being mostly militia).
However, they do count as a Storm army (adding +1 to their command points) so we're guaranteed at least 2 points per turn.

Czechs were mostly battle-hardened veterans (being composed of POW's) so they rate as Professionals (rolling two dice for command and picking the higher).

Each side begins with one leader figure.
The Czechs can roll 5+ to add a Junior leader but fail to do so.

The Reds get a 4+ roll to add a Revolutionary leader and succeed in doing so.

Being a bit more regimented, the Czechs get 3 rifle units and 1 "automatic rifle unit" (armed with a Lewis gun, Madsen or similar.
They get to roll to obtain a machine gun on 4+ (Success) and a piece of artillery on 5+ (fail).

The Guard, being a militia, are more subject to luck.
The dice provide them 2 units of Amateur infantry and 1 unit of Partisans though they do get a machine gun to back them up.

If the Czechs had rolled an artillery gun, they could now opt to swap it for a unit of Shock infantry.

The Red Guard are subject to the rules for Zeal and can choose to take the Chaotic Supply penalty.
If they do, they get to add another Rifle unit.
Manpower is a bit tight considering the poor state of the infantry, so that seems like a good option.

Due to being a somewhat lackluster army, Red Guard armies begin the game with 1 bonus Victory Point.

Rolling for Reinforcement points, we roll two dice, picking the lower. This results in a 4.

Each player gets 4 points to spend on the Reinforcement table.

The Czechs take another machine gun (costing all four points).
The Guards will take a Rifle unit (2 points) and two more units of Amateur infantry (1 point each).

How many minis do we need?
Each unit could be a single stand of mini's, though it does look better if you use two.
So factor about 6 mini's per unit and you're not exactly breaking the bank to get in a game.

Two armies set up and ready to go.
The entire process took about 3 minutes.

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