Saturday, 13 January 2018

A Salvage Crew ....crew

So with a new game, let's roll up a crew.

We're just going to do three characters.

All characters begin with Speed 4, Reactions 1, Combat Skill 0, Toughness 3, Tech 0

For our first character, they came from a Struggling Colony.
This increases their Reactions to 1.5 and they are packing a hold-out pistol (a new weapon in Salvage Crew: Basically a short range pistol that can be used in melee)

They are motivated by Fame (which seems reasonable enough). This lets our crew start with a Lead already, meaning he knows a few people who might eventually hire us.

Our guy was trained as a ...Treasure Hunter.
That ups our Speed to 4.5 and he also gets a Jump Belt and some Infra-Goggles: Handy for negotiating unpleasant situations no doubt.

Our second character will be a woman and grew up on a Resource Extraction Colony (think heavy mining facilities).
That breeds hardy people so she gets +0.5 Toughness and we begin with 4 extra Credits in the bank.
She's motivated by the Truth, so maybe some shady **** went down with the mining corp and she's out to prove it?
This lets us start with another Lead, so now we have 2.

For training, I roll another Treasure Hunter, but I opt to re-roll and get a Doctor.
That lets us begin with 1 more Credit and she's got some Booster Pills packed away in a belt.

A doctor looking for the truth about a corporation..and she's got some barely-legal stimulants packed away? I sense some scifi noir drama going down.

For a third character, it'll be an alien of non-distinct danger, just so I can use some random miniatures.
Hailing from a scientific outpost gives us +0.5 Tech and being motivated by good old-fashioned Wealth means we'll have another 3 Credits to start out with.
Our alien has earned a living in human space working as Ship's Crew, which gives us another +0.5 Tech.

Normally, we'd go ahead and create three more characters, but this is a good place to stop I think.
I'd probably make our treasure hunter the leader (based on being motivated by fame) and I have a few clues I can work from, if I wanted to add a bit of story to my campaign.

Of course, I can't finish this without rolling up a motto (yes, a table is provided).
"Resolution Confirmed".

Sounds like a slogan guaranteed to make the big bucks!

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