Sunday, 19 November 2017

War gamer metal

There's a lot of gamers who like a bit of metal.
There's a lot of gamers who like a LOT of metal.

So I wanted to throw out a few albums and songs that make perfect gaming material for the historical gamer.

Feel free to add more.
I am going to be lazy and not add links to everything. If someone strikes your fancy, just check it out on youtube or itunes.

For this, I am specifically looking at songs about historical military battles, not generic "war metal" or fantasy stuff. So I won't list my beloved Bolt Thrower.

Song Stalingrad off the Stalingrad album.

Classic metal bordering on butt-rock.

Well recommended (and even features a short rendition of the Soviet anthem)

Entire Hundred Days album and entire Hattin album.

Euro-power metal.

The former is about Napoleon's 100 days campaign, while the latter should be self-explanatory.

Running Wild
Battle of Waterloo off the Death or glory album.

Classic metal.

Even begins with a sample from the Waterloo film.

God Dethroned

Their last three albums Passiondale, Under the sign of the iron cross and The world ablaze.

Death metal.

A trilogy of albums around the first world war. If you're going to pick just one, do World Ablaze.

Hail of bullets

All three of their albums Of frost and war, On divine winds and III the Rommel chronicles.

Death metal.

All three albums are themed around the second world war. Of Frost and War is the best of the bunch.

Iced Earth

The entire The Glorious Burden album.

Power metal.

Covers the Red Baron, Waterloo, Valley Forge, Attila and a three song epic about the battle of Gettysburg.

Iron Maiden

Really more than you can shake a fist at, so I'll pick out The Longest Day from the Matter of life and death album as a stand-out.


Longest Day should be self-explanatory.


Entire King of Rome album.

Power metal.

A bit home-brew quality but about Napoleon and the 100 days specifically.


Everything they've done ever.

Power metal.

Needs no explanation. If you're a gamer and don't know Sabaton, you're doing it wrong :)
Standouts include the Carolus Rex album and Heroes.


Latvian Riflemen album.

Black metal'ish.

About the Latvian rifles in the Russian army in the first world war.

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