Thursday, 30 November 2017

Scifi discount week

Greetings gamers.
For this weekend, you can pick up not just one or two but three hard-hitting sci-fi games.

If you are in the market for a modern recreation of Rogue Trader: Complete with random scenarios, multiple races and all manner of player-devised machinery, you can get Clash on the Fringe for only 9 dollars. 

The rules include a pile of alien races, a full points system and of course campaign rules.

If something a bit harder is more your flavour, our hard scifi rules, based off No End in Sight are available. No Stars in Sight generates a tense, brutal scifi battle where you will be constantly wondering how far you can push your troops. Points values and multiple alien races are of course included.

You can pick it up for only 7 dollars

And lastly, if your tastes go a little bit bigger, how about Laserstorm: NWG's 6mm scifi battle game, permitting enormous armies to slug it out with simple, straight-forward mechanics?

A worthy successor to the bygone Space Marine rules, it is yours for only 6 dollars.

To get the discounted cost, make sure you are using the codes above. 

Happy gaming ladies and gentlemen and may your blaster pistols always shoot straight.

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