Sunday, 19 November 2017

Five Parsecs From Home is back! It's new! It's...different?

So Five Parsecs From Home is basically the single best-selling thing I ever did.
A solo-oriented campaign game, aimed at providing the sort of Traveller meets Trigun meets Borderlands game play style that a lot of games grasp at.

However, it's definitely gotten pretty long in the tooth and needed a serious update, both to fix some design issues and to generally reflect the improvements in product from NWG.

Particularly, it had the following issues:

1: It was spread across two booklets (the FiveCore rulebook and the Five Parsecs book) and not organized that great.

2: A lot of the random tables ended up rarely used.

3: There were a LOT of special rules, cases and exceptions to keep track.

4: A lot of things generated on the tables ended up with things like "has a 1 in 6 chance of being interesting".

So a revised, stand-alone edition has been a wishlist item for a lot of people.

I'd maintained for a while that it would be a FiveCore system, however, the more I worked on it, the more I came to realize that a change was needed and I started tinkering with different solutions and options, including basing it off Clash on the Fringe.

Several trashed and discarded versions later, I took a long step back and looking at the project with new eyes:
The biggest problem for a solo gamer (in my own experience) is that you only have one person to do EVERYTHING.
As such, I find that when playing solo, the absolute easier and simpler the rules are, the better it flows for me.

With that in mind, I set about creating a set of rules that were as simple as I could, without being completely lacking in flair.
The campaign adds all the complexity and detail needed, there's no need to have the complexity also resident in the rules system itself.

The end result is what I feel is ultimately a much stronger, more capable game.
More importantly, it's one I feel is far more likely to get on the table and get campaigns played.

And that's the entire point right? Taking your crew of misfits and sending them out to get shot to bits on some back-water planet.

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