Monday, 20 November 2017

Five Parsecs - Character creation (and a correction)

First, a quick correction: You are supposed to begin the campaign with 1 credit per crew member, which got left out.
The PDF has been updated now, so if you already purchased, go out and download again.

Let's whip up 3 characters real quick, just to see how it goes.

A normal starting crew is 5 or 6, but we don't have all day to read blogs, do we? :)

So I grab my trusty percentile dice and roll.
Each character will have a background, motivation and character class which will affect their stats a little bit.

Our first character grew up in a War Torn Hell Hole, they are motivated by Order and their class is Starship Crew.
A grim survivor who wishes to avoid the horrors that befell his homeworld, he became a navigator on  merchant cruisers before striking out on his own.
Dodging land mines has boosted his Reactions a bit and he brings a random military weapon to the party, in this case a Rattle Gun (a primitive LMG)

Reactions 2 - Speed 4 - Combat Skill 0 - Toughness 3

For our second character, she grew up in an Isolationist Enclave, she is motivated by a sense of Discovery (makes sense since she'd have been pretty sheltered as a youth) and when she left the enclave, she found work as an artist.
No stat boosts, but her art-money lets us begin with 5 additional Credits.

Reactions 1 - Speed 4 - Combat Skill 0 - Toughness 3

For the last character, they grew up in a Tech-Guild (which brings 2 credits to the crew and a Blast Rifle). Apparently the guild was quite stifling because he is motivated to Escape (which also raises his movement speed).
Along the way, he became a Special Agent for this or that government entity (raising his Reactions and beginning the game with a gun Stabilizer)

Reactions 2 - Speed 5 - Combat Skill 0 - Toughness 3

* * * * *

Moving to the Flavor details, we learn that our ship is a Battered old mining ship, the characters are together because it's safer to be in a crew than alone.
They are best characterized as being "Somewhat forgettable".

Well, that suits our purposes fine, but surely we can find money and fame out among the planets.

Time to queue up the Slough Feg Traveller album on Itunes and get to it.

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