Monday, 14 August 2017

A few Q&A's about Where Sten Guns Dare

After quite a while, "Where Sten Guns Dare" is about ready to go out the door.

Wait, what is this?
It's a small game about British Commandos in WW2, blowing up things.

Is it a supplement or a game?
Stand-alone rules. You won't need anything else.

What engine does it use?
The same as "Starport Scum" and "Dungeon Scum". Tweaked ever so slightly.

Can I use Starport supplements?
Most of them should have no problems at all.

Is it a campaign game?
Of course.

Solo rules?
Not explicitly, but there's guidelines for how the enemy moves and acts.

Can we play both sides?
The campaign is purely from the Allied side.
If you play with a friend, take turns or one guy runs the bad guys.

How big will it be?
Kind of short actually. Should be right around 40 pages, which is including the infiltration mission rules, set up and campaign games.

Barely. You can stick an armoured car in a base to fend off the Commandos but its a static piece.

We didn't feel full blown vehicle combat really fit in the rules. Bring a PIAT just in case though.

How is the writing style?
We opted deliberately for a more casual "British" style to this one.
This means that you won't find as many sub-sections and exhaustive rules explanations as usual.

These rules are aimed to be pretty casual.

How much history do I need to know?
We did write with the assumption that the audience understands the period, but if you've watched "Where Eagles Dare" or "Guns of Navarone" you're be right at home.

Any plans for supplements?
Unlikely, it's intended as a stand-alone game.

The goal here isn't a game that will replace all your WW2 gaming, but more a game that fills a fun niche that isn't well covered currently.
It's something you can set up, have a cool and memorable campaign over a few nights and then revisit it later down the road.

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