Saturday, 19 August 2017

Unity Field Agent expansion pack list

Expansion 1 - Squad Mode Deck
Expansion 2 - Unity Grunts army list
Expansion 3 - Precursor Exiles army list

UFA Precursor Exile army list available

This army list for Unity Field Agent presents the Precursor Exiles.

Precursors are refined, enlightened humanoids, inspired by the Asari or Eldar. Exiles are those that don't quite fit in and seek their fortunes on the Fringes, becoming mercenaries, wanderers or pirates.

This booklet contains a brief background explanation, troop classes (with points values), victory point and experience point rules and notes on painting your forces.

We also provide a new level up table for Squad Mode play.

If you want to add a touch of style (and paint some bright colours),the Precursor army list is for you.

Expectation is that a additional feedback filters in, points values may be adjusted up or down, as the need may be.

Available here

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Where Sten Guns Dare

1943. The Fascist scourge holds Europe in an iron grip.

Across the world, battalions clash and tanks burn.

But in the shadows, another war is being fought. A war of knives and bombs. A war of infiltration. A war of resolute action and a war of daring.

Enter the world of commando actions.

* * * * *

Where Sten Guns Dare sets you in the role as a British Commando squad, tasked with undertaking missions to undermine the German war effort.

Playable solo, with a GM or in a group, you'll find the following features:

*A quick and easy to use game, using the engine from Starport Scum.

*20 character traits are provided.

*Stealth rules are included, for tense infiltration missions (the stealth system originated in FiveCore)

*Random mission set up.

*Campaign rules, letting you fight to liberate a region from Nazi rule.

*Scenario friendly. We offer rules for things like radios and mortar fire, to make sure your commandos have the support they need... as long as the Gestapo doesn't get there first.

Where Sten Guns Dare is intentionally written to be a bit more open ended and "British", falling into the category of "tool kit" rather than "complete gaming tome with answers to everything".

As such, it's not ideal for gamers who want a competitive-oriented game.

On the upside, it means the entire package fits in under 50 pages, including the campaign rules.

Short enough to digest on a Friday night, comprehensive enough for a ton of fun scenarios.

Did I mention you get a bonus if you drink tea while you play?

Get it here

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

UFA: Stepping while At Risk

I knew a bug would sneak through :-)

A character that is At Risk is NOT able to take a Step.
The description of the Step rule suggests that you can, which is incorrect. (Maddeningly, I did get it correct in the Conditions of the Step rule).

As a point of additional clarification, At Risk status is applied when you declare your action.

To elaborate:
K'Erin can Step before and after Brawling.

If I Step up to an enemy, I am not At Risk (because I started my action more than 1" away) and I can take the second Step after resolving the attack.

If I am already within 1" of the enemy when I take a combat action, I am At Risk and cannot Step at all, whether before or after the attack is made.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Unity Field Agent. Story Mode example.

I thought I'd take today to give an example of how the Story Mode can work out.

Our Story revolves around a squad of Unity troopers, tasked with hunting down a pirate lord.

In the narrative, there's Unity strike teams throughout the asteroid belts but our Focus will be on just one squad, the one we're currently following.

We pick out a couple of characters in the squad as our protagonists: The Sarge, the second in command and the captain they report to.

The pirates are represented by two antagonists: The pirate scum themselves (given a strength of 2) and the inner circle of the pirate lord (strength 3).

Game 1
The first game is a standard fight as our troopers come down on a pirate crew, trying to apprehend them before they can make their escape with a bunch of loot.

We can use the normal mission cards to set this up, any objectives are simply crates of contraband to be secured.

Consequence roll
Assuming we win, we can roll a D6 with a 1 causing the antagonist we fought to lose Strength.
In this case, we roll a 3. Losing a few starport scummers aren't going to bother any self-respecting pirate gang.

Story Action
The Story Action is an open-ended way to let the player modify the narrative based on the game we just played.
It's inspired by the "Player action" in the original Five Men in Normandy campaign.

Since we defeated the pirates, we'll figure there's a good chance one of the captured cretins will tell us where one of their refuelling bases are.

Any Story action needs a 3+ roll to apply. We score a 5 so we have a clue that will let us get at them.

Story Actions don't have to just be story bits. We could have given a new weapon to a character (pirate loot), a wounded character might have developed a special ability etc.
Be creative.

Story table
Finally, a D20 roll will give an unforeseen element.
In this case a roll of a 4 is a Hindrance.
Something happens to the narrative to make our lives more difficult.

Well okay, we just trashed a bunch of valuables that the pirates were securing, so odds are they are out for revenge.

We'll play the next battle as a Unity troop ship is raided by space-psychos in retaliation.

All in all, this took maybe 3 minutes to do and we now have an on-going story with a deepening plot.
Not shabby huh?

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Starport Scum Rules Pack 2

Rules Pack 2 includes new options to customize and adjust your Starport Scum experience.
The options presented includes:

The options presented includes:

*Fire Fights (characters may return fire when fired upon)

*Increased Lethality

*More dangerous Goons

*Cinematic mode (requires playing cards)

*Economic Activity

*New HEAT tables for more difficult games.

*And finally 3 new alien world critters to make a game even more interesting.

The Increased Lethality and Cinematic options are applicable to Dungeon Scum as well.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Starport Scum and Unity clarifications

Starport Scum

Unless players agree otherwise or a GM permits, a character that is climbing a terrain feature cannot end their move half-way up (or down).

If you have insufficient movement to make the climb, then it cannot be performed that turn.

Being able to end a move half-way up a wall means all sorts of shenanigans about what happens if that character is hit by fire, can they attack by brawling etc.

For ease of play, it's simpler to just disallow it.

If playing a scenario that involves significant climbing, for example, an infiltration team scaling a tower, you'll have to adjudicate these things.

As a quick rule, a climbing character can only fire a pistol or other side arm and any weapons hit will require a D6 roll of a 3+ to avoid falling down.

Unity Field Agent
Fringe-Spacer Psychos are limited to 2 per army.

Coming soon to Unity Field Agent

Army lists for Unity Grunts and Precursor Exiles are on their way.

What are these?

The Grunts are the basic infantry of Unity armed forces, tasked with invasion and defensive operations.

The army consists of solid, competent, if a bit mundane infantry, backed up by a hard as nails "Sarge" holding it all together.
If you have a soft spot for Apone from Aliens, then this is your army.
Notably, while Sarge sticks around, the grunts won't Abandon Battle due to excessive Shock tokens.

Precursors are the classic "refined, enlighten alien that's a bit obnoxious" from scifi fiction: Mass Effects Asari, 40K Eldar, the blue space girl from Farscape or the Syreen from Star Control.

Exiles are Precursors that have struck out on their own, becoming adventurers, pirates and mercenaries.
On the battle field, they are fast, have good morale but somewhat modest Toughness.
Since they are all connected in a psychic bond, they have no range restrictions on leaders and if they draw a 2 from the card deck, you can choose to play it as an ace instead.

Each expansion army list for the rules features characters, points values, a way to learn bonus victory points and bonus experience, an army-wide special rule to set them apart, the scout rating for deployment AND the experience table for Squad Mode.