Thursday, 6 July 2017

Unity Field Agent player use permissions

A variation of this will be added to all new NWG core rulebooks and (if time permits) to older ones as well.

If you purchased these rules from the War-game Vault, you are fully authorized to do the following:

* Print out copies for personal use, including through commercial print services.

* Print up to 8 pages as handouts at conventions or club games.

* Publish scenarios, characters, house rules and similar for a blog, forum, website or magazine.

  • Set up and run convention scenarios. If you do, reach out to me and I can provide some discount codes to give away.

  • You may publish scenarios or campaigns commercially through any channel desired, provided a copy (digital or otherwise) are provided to the author of Unity Field Agent.
Scenarios and campaigns may reproduce up to approximately one page of relevant information, troop profiles or similar from the official rules.

* You may offer troop profiles for any miniature figure you retail, provided it is clear that the profile is not officially sanctioned by Nordic Weasel Games.

You are not authorized to otherwise distribute these rules. 

You may not charge for any hand-outs you issue for games. 

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