Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Unity Field Agent plan changes. Plus Battle Mission talk

The plan has changed a bit, though it'll be to your benefit.

The goal is that Unity Field Agent will ship with 3 army lists, rather than 1 (Agents, Fringe Spacers and one alien race, most likely the K'Erin).

This should help the "out of the box" playability.

The Encounter Mode will also be beefed up a little to feature 6 possible objectives and 20 battle conditions that can apply to a battle.

For Battle Missions, another will see release this week, if all goes well.
I am curious as to what thoughts people have so far.

I keep having heart-burn that they are too simple and that people want more "grit" in their scenarios.
But that could just be me mis-reading people's intentions.

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