Friday, 28 July 2017

The future of the "Living Rules" concept

A while back, I posted about my observations on the Living Rules concept (Blast Pistol, Last Era, Powder and Bayonet, Price of a Mile), how it had gone and the experiences gained from it.

I think to some extent, they were also a bit too far from the material my readers and players typically tend to be interested in.
While there has been strong interest in Nordic Weasel doing "army list" style play, the implementation wasn't as strong as I'd had hoped it would be.
To some extent, the idea behind Blast Pistol was exactly to be similar to existing games, by using very conventional game mechanics and systems.
This of course also makes it very difficult to carve out a niche, because people who are interested in conventional games already have systems they are used to, whether thats Gruntz, FUBAR, 40K or any of a billion other games.

For a while, there was interest from a third party about buying the rights to the game engine but in the end, that doesn't seem to have materialized so I am going to do something else instead:

When I get the chance to do so, the rules and their supplements will become available again in a "Pay what you want" format.
More importantly, when I can get them packaged into one nice document, they will be available under a Creative Commons / open source style license.

This will allow people out there to pick them up, adapt them, use them as a base for new works, develop material for them and generally take them in any direction needed.
Essentially forming more of a toolkit.

If the system finds creative patrons, this would even allow an updated version to be created without me acting as a controlling body to slow everything down :)

This way, the system can get a chance to flourish and develop more of an identity in a market that is reasonably crowded with game systems.

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