Sunday, 30 July 2017

Example of the UFA Mission deck

The way you set up a game is by drawing cards.
After all, if the regular game uses cards, why not also use them to set up?

It should be added that nothing prevents you from just throwing some terrain together and putting a couple Objective markers. This is, as always, icing on the cake.

So lets draw 6 cards and see how that plays out.

We remove the Jokers from the deck and then draw.

Normally you draw all the cards at the same time, but I find it more interesting to draw one at a time.

Step 1: Basic terrain
Each sector of the gaming table (about a foot by a foot) receives a few terrain features.
The guide is 1 large, 2 medium or 3-4 smaller features.

That'll give a pretty crowded table but the game does feel a lot more fun when played in this way.

Draw 1 - 6 of Hearts
Heart cards extend the length of the battle.
A standard battle lasts 8 "clicks" of the clock.
Practically that can be anywhere from 4 to 8 turns, depending on the card draw.
This card will raise the duration to 9.

Draw 2 - Ace of Clubs
This suit adds scenery to the table.

The Ace will add an interior structure to one of the table quarters.
This might be a cave or tunnel complex. A building that can be entered is common as well.

You will need some floor plans or similar. In this case, I have some old Star Wars floor tiles, so we'll have an underground bunker complex.

Draw 3 - 2 of Spades
Nice even distribution so far.
This is a Condition and in our case, its a Dense Fog.

Fighting through this soup, both sides will be unable to shoot at targets over 12" away.

Draw 4 - 4 of Spades
Fitting rather well, we get another condition: "Mud and misery".
The troops have been soaked through and as a result, it will be much harder to repair any jammed weapon.

Draw 5 - 4 of Hearts
We add another Click to the game length.

Draw 6 - 6 of Diamonds
I was wondering if we'd end up fighting without an objective at all, but this gives us a central objective, which will be worth 6 Victory Points to whoever controls it by the end.

(For comparison, a typical character is worth 2-3 Victory Points when destroyed).

Normally Objectives go on the center line between the two forces but in this case, it's too tempting not to put it in the underground bunker.

Putting it all together:
A somewhat long, miserable fight between troops that are wet, mud-stained and barely able to see anything, which will culminate in a fist-fight underground over a central objective.

Sounds like a good time if you ask me!

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