Saturday, 10 June 2017

Scifi scenario example

This is the example provided in the booklet, so you can use this as an idea of how it works.

So let’s take a look at how it might all come together:

We start by rolling a 7 for the reason we are fighting and find ourselves in the middle of a full-scale invasion.

That might work better for a big game, so we dig out some 6mm war game rules and roll a 6 for the game scale, getting a reinforced battalion per side.

A 5 for relative size means both armies will be about the same size, meaning 3 companies, the battalion support elements and a support element or two.

I am going to just roll up the composition for my own troops.
The composition rolls give me a 4 meaning my force is heavy on Fast Troops.

That could be motorcycles, scout vehicles, jet bikes or anything like that.

So we’ll set it up as two companies of recon forces with a regular infantry company and then the battalion support guns.

Since our battalion is reinforced, we’ll roll twice for support elements.
A 3 and a 7 gives us Specialists and Regulars.

We add in an extra platoon of infantry and some sniper teams to make things interesting.

Since this is clearly some sort of scout or quick response force, we’re going to skip the quality rolls and just assume they are hardened regulars with dependable morale.

I roll a 3 for my objective, which means I must break through the enemy line.
Ouch, with so many light troops, that’ll be a major challenge.

Okay, so to make this work, we’re going to base this a bit on the Generation Kill book and television show.

Our force is basically the advance marine elements crashing into (and through) scattered enemy forces.

That then tells us that the enemy will be of modest quality and not particularly numerous, so we’ll skip the rolls for relative strength. About a weak battalion of enemy troops in modest defensive positions will work pretty well.

To reflect the surprise attack, they will have very few leadership elements to rally them.

I roll once for terrain setup and get a 7: A central clutter with open spaces.
I set up a number of buildings and debris near the center of the table to create a small village, then the surrounding table will be relatively sparse, with some linear obstacles, copses of trees and a few hills.

Lots of space for the jet bikes to move around on, but we’ll need the infantry to get stuck in hard.

For a side mission, I pick one of the jet bike platoons and roll a 2 for their lieutenant. “Stick to the assigned role” is what we get, so that platoon is going to rely purely on hit and run tactics, avoiding being bogged down in a shoot-out.

Finally an 18 on the Unexpected Circumstances table tells us that a monster is prowling the battle field!

I have some terrain that looks like rocky outcroppings with caves, so when moving near one of them, I’ll roll randomly to see if a monster pops out and tries to eat my bike troops.

Voila, we’re ready to play.

A complete scenario with barely any prep work required and not a scenario I think I’d ever have thought up on my own. 

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